Lipstick Tube, Shadow Black
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0.477" (12.1 mm) cup size Matte Black Lipstick Casing.
Using Shrink Band - 36mm x 78mm. This tube measures 2-13/16" tall and has a diameter of 7/8".

  • Ingredients: Plastic.
  • This tube measures 2-13/16" tall and has a diameter of 7/8".

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         They are perfect for my company. 

     Excellent tubes. Initially I thought they looked a bit cheap - but once the lipstick goes in them they are top notch - like any professional lipstick you would buy in store. Customers love them and Caroline is right with regards to the click system ensuring your bag doesn't get covered in lipstick. Will be buying more

     These tubes are fantastic.

     Is there any update? TKB Responds: The docks have come to an agreement and now we are all waiting for them to work through their incredible backlog. We are in the queue.

     Great tubes. Sturdy, matte (I love matte), elegant, with a special click system that will prevent them from opening easy in your handbag.

    When will these be back in stock??0 TKB Responds: we keep the site updated, currently we are looking at mid Feb.

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