Lipstick Tube, Swag Black
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4/7/2016 Update:

We have been selling these tubes for years, and recently we received a complaint about them which made us concerned. Please see FAQ's to read about the issue so that you may make an informed decision.

Reflective, shiny black lippies with a thick double-line diamond trim along the outside and a silver interior finish. It is fitted for the 12.1 mm (.477 inch) lipstick molds.

  • Ingredients: Plastic.
  • This tube measures 2-15/16" tall and has a diameter of 3/4".

    The way that lipstick tubes are made is that there is the device that holds the lipstick bullet and twists up and down, and it sets into a casing that is decorative.

    Some companies, actually sell their lipstick in the device only, and then they sell various different decorative casing, and you can move your lipstick from one case to the other, just for fun. (Paul & Joe Beaute is one example) Here is a link to their removable lipsticks, which are sold separate from their casings. The casings are typically "limited edition" in special designs and sell separate, as seen here.

    We mention this, because it turns out that our Pink and Black Swag Lipstick tubes have lipstick holders which are easily removable from their casings.  For most hand crafters, this is not an issue.  However, in the case of our one customer who complained, she had sent the tubes out to a large company who was filling the tubes for her with heavy equipment.  In this instance, these tubes just did not work for her.  They were too easily separated.

    We will add a video soon showing the exact concern.  Our initial impulse was to discontinue the stock that we had on hand while we worked things out with our manufacturer, but in retrospect, the decision to buy or not buy these tubes is up to our customers.  So long as you have all the information, you should be all set.  Let us know if you have further questions by opening a ticket.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         These look great but they don't grasp onto the bullet as well as the Diamond tubes do. They seem a little big for 12.1 bullets.

         These tubes are fantastic! I used some for birthday party gifts/favors and the rest on my sisters bachelorette party! Really professional, reflective, and professional! ThanKs!

         These are so beautiful extremely trendy compared to top lines! Wasn't sure if I would like them based off the "fooled me" review but, really really love them!

         I had several tubes I was considering for the business and this one won with 100% of the family and close friends who looked at them. They are lightweight, but durable and the color is gorgeous and they match the light pink palate beautifully. It's a wonderful statement together.

         I love these lipstick tubes! The only bad thing is once in a while I found one with a tiny scratch or 2 & silver shows thru. Easy to work with & very fashion forward! I love the diamond look trim, my customers are loving it too! Thanks Kaila!

         Stands out, super cute, super light and affordable! I wish there will be other colors one day... 

         These are very pretty! I love them and for the price they can't be beat. My only problem with them is they seem a little cheaper than some of the other lipstick tubes but they are cheaper in price so it is understandable.

         I'm in LOVE with the Pink Swag case! Talk about being able to afford a tubes that are not only elegant,and classy looking, but they are are also stylish and unique! Aside from how nice they look, the price is phenomenal! Great to buy and use for your lipsticks...especially when were still in the middle of the "lipstick effect":)I love how Kaila has the matching black tubes too! 

         I love love LOVE these tubes! So unique and very afforadble! My customers adore these!!! I have no problem with the lipsticks fitting in them. TKB is the BEST!!!

         Soooooo Cute!

        I was really pleased with these, great quality, beautiful coloring, everything you could hope for. the only reason they got a 4 is because i like the red lady night red tubes a little better. i think for the same price they are a lot more expensive looking

        These are nice, and elegant. as well a really awesome deal for the price, however as melissa said, they are a little bit too big for the 12.1 mold. they move around a little bit. these are nice though and i will buy them again! 

        As stated in Kaila's review, she said sometimes it is hard to get the tube to grab pull the lipstick out of the mold. I found that I don't have a problem if I freeze the lipstick mold. What I do have a problem with is when I do NOT freeze it. The other problem I have is the lipstick will slip out of these tubes due to the ridges. I painted the ridges with some warm lipstick wax it seems to help a little. So far so good...I will keep you posted if it doesn't work out. The wax builds the ridge up a bit I pop them in the freezer for a few mins before I am ready to slip the lipsticks out. It helps the wax stay intact when I pull the lipstick out of the mold. It has something to help grab on!

        Looking at the picture, I figured you could twist these from the middle. Nope. You have to twist from the top barrel. 

       I order alot of these containers, but when I tried to get the lipstick molds in them the lipstick container was too small to fit my molds of 12.1. How did other buyers get it them to fit!!I really want to use them for my Valentine Extravaganza!!! Help please!  TKB Responds: We aren't sure what the reason for your problem is.  These containers work fine with our molds.  Maybe your mold came from a different place and is not 12.1 after all?  Feel free to contact us through our ticket system so we can take care of you.

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