10.5ml Lord Evelyn Bottle
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Elegant, rectangular 10.5ml nail polish bottle. Click on the FAQ's for dimensions.

  • Ingredients: Bottle is glass. Cap is plastic and brush is a lacquered synthetic bristle.
  • Bottle Height: 47.5mm
    Bottle Length & Width: 38mm x 28.5mm
    Brush Size: 13/96/39
    Cap Height: 44mm

    When we say a brush measures 13/96/30, this means that it will fit a bottle that has a 13/415 neck finish, that the cap it will fit needs to have a 96 core and that the length of the brush is 30mm long.

  • This product was added in July, 2015.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hello, I wanted to know can I have a different cap then the Lorde cap? So my caps can have a uniform look. Thanks

    All of our nail polish bottles have two words in them.  The first word is a kind of royalty (example Princess, Lord, Duchess, so forth).  These are different kinds of Caps. The second word is a name which is the name of the bottle (example Evelyn, Anabelle, and so forth).  

    Therefore, to see what other styles of caps we have that fit the Evelyn bottle, just type the word "Evelyn" into the search box.  Up pops these options: Princess Evelyn, Lord Evelyn, Duchess Evelyn and Barbie Evelyn.  These are the possible caps to pick from.

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