Make Your Own Matte Liquid Lipstick Base
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TKB's Matte Liquid Lipstick Base kit teaches you to make a transfer-resistant, long-wear matte liquid lipstick base.  You will need to add color to your finished base.  Also, please store your base in an airtight container.
Watch the Video Tutorials:

Make Your Own Matte Liquid Lipstick (Base)

Make Your Own Matte Liquid Lipstick (Color)

The kit provides enough material to make approximately 6-8 full sized liquid lipsticks. It uses the instructions and recipes which you can download:

Click here to download instructions and recipe.

  • Please visit our quick start page for instructions and videos, including how to color your creation.

    Included in this kit:

    -10 weigh boats and 5 pipettes
    -Three zip lock bags (3x4)
    -A pair of latex gloves
    -Three 15ml glass jars for storage
    -Isododecane: 2 floz
    -Flake Resin: Two samples (approximately 18 grams)
    -Dimethicone 1.5: 2 floz
    -Nylon 12: One sample (approximately 2.5 grams)
    -Silica Dimethyl Silylate: 1 ounce
    -Silica Microspheres: One sample (approximately 6 grams)
    -Sunflower Wax: One sample (approximately 9 grams)
    -Preservative Cap-2: 1/2 floz

    You will need a scale to weigh your ingredients, so if you don't have one, please add one to your order.
  • How to Color your Matte Liquid Lipstick Base

    We recommend you use Lake Dyes and Pigment Oxides alone or in combination.

    Lake Dyes are transparent by nature, so we suggest you use 0.3g of DTTD and 1.5g of dye colors of choice. DTTD is a type of Titanium Dioxide that has been treated with Dimethicone; this provides an opaque background and prevent sheerness.

    Pigment Oxides are excellent in coloring lipstick base. When use alone, we suggest you use 1.8g of pigments of your choice.

    Note: some oxide pigments are highly pigmented than others (i.e. Red oxide).
    They could overpower other colors. If you plan to use it in your lipstick in combination with other pigment or lake dyes, we would suggest you start from 0.3g and play around with different ratio first.

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • I've read all instructions and watched the video but how can you make different color liquid lipsticks ?

    It's really easy.  Did you watch the How To Color Video?

    Basically, you will use about 1 teaspoon of color to 2 teaspoons of base.  

  • Is the Dimethicone 1.5 the same as Dimethicone 100/350? If not then can the Dimethicone 1.5 be purchased seperately?

    Here is where you would purchase the product:

    All three are dimethicones, the main difference is how thick they are.  1.5 is very thin, like water, 100 is thicker, and 350 is the thickest of them all.

    Dimethicone 1.5 is also volatile, which means that it disappears into the air over time.

  • Is the finished product from this formulation considered Vegan?

    Yes, if you use the Sunflower Wax instead of the Beeswax.

  • I like this recipe but I couldn't get the resin flake to dissolve completely, could there be something I'm doing wrong?

    If you follow the recipe, the material will definitely dissolve completely.  My guess would be perhaps you mis-measured and did not include enough of the isododecane as a solvent.  Otherwise, consider covering it tightly and allowing it to sit overnight.

  • Do you have a recipe for larger quantities?

    There is a link on the page, just above the Details and FAQ tabs which sends you to the recipe.  You  can adjust quantities to make a larger batch.

  • How do I make vegan lipstick? Do you have bases for this or can you point me in the right direction of which products I would need to purchase separately from you in order to create the vegan lipstick?

    The matte lipstick base on this page is vegan (presuming you use the Sunflower wax instead of the Beeswax).

  • Does this come with lipgloss tubes like the lipgloss kit? and what do I need for it to be long wear? lovin your products!!! Tracey mcfadden

    We do not offer the tubes as part of the kit.  It would be an Add On.  The recipe is already for a long wear, transfer resistant product.

  • If I would like to make nonmatte liquid lipstick, are there things I can omit from this recipe to get a creamy liquid lipstick?! Thanks so much!!!

    You could use shimmery mica powders to color your "Matte Liquid Lipstick Base" instead of the flat dyes and pigment Matte Tones which we focus on.  You will obtain a liquid lipstick which is transfer resistant and long lasting which has a shimmer to it.

  • Hello, am I absolutely supposed to use the DTTD in order to color my base? Can I go about coloring it with the titanium dioxide?

    You can color it with whatever you want.  In our experience, the Dimethicone treated TD mixes in more easily and smoothly.  In our experience, our other TD's required more fussing to make sure there was no speckling.

  • Matte liquid lipstick. Can i use the liquid colors when adding color to the base or does it have to be the powder dyes?

    Yes, you may use the liquid colors.

  • Can I use already made lip color (a lip gloss) as the color for this?

    Yes, you can color with anything you want.  If you don't use a dry powder you will be "changing" the formula of course, making it more or less transfer resistant for example.  So in your case, if you took a premade lip gloss and then did "half and half" with this base, what you might get is a lip gloss that is pretty waterproof, but not entirely smudge proof.  

    I like your creativity! 


  • Hello, how much color percentage should I add to this base to get a super pigmented lip stick? Also what are some ways I can make this base more Moisturizing?

    To color your creation, add about 1.5 of powdered dye and about 0.3 grams of titanium dioxide (prewetting with Dimethicone 1.5 is recommended) and to about 9 grams of uncolored base. This will make one full-sized lip gloss.

    There is a link to some how to add color videos here:

    To make the product more moisturizing, you can add some jojoba oil, remember the more you add oil, the less wash and transfer resistant it will become.

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