Microfine Glitter Collection
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14 colors sold in a set.

  • Ingredients: Polyethylene Terephalate, Aluminum, Polyurethane 33, Pigments and Dyes. Most of these glitters are not recommended for use in nail polish as they are not solvent resistant.  Please refer to the FAQ's for permitted use disclaimer.
  • The FDA has determined that glitter is a color additive which is not listed on their list of approved color additives. This means that a glitter product is TECHNICALLY not allowed for use in any cosmetic in the USA. Consumers have expressed confusion over this, as it is obvious that there is glitter in all kinds of cosmetics sold currently in the USA and there are no known reports of harm caused by glitter.

    The FDA has not explained itself to our company, but it has advised us that it recognizes that the cosmetics industry has been largely unaware of this determination and it is essentially providing the cosmetic industry a grace period during which FDA enforcement is "discretionary". This grace period allows the cosmetics industry to "respond". The FDA has not provided us with any information on how long this grace period has been in effect, nor how long it will be in effect. They simply state the the issue is "active".

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     I got the Holographic and just am in love with it. It adds that extra pop to my lippies that I love.

     The pre-stacked glitter jars is a just dream! If you like glitter like I do, it is the perfect container for multiple colors. The Chartreuse, Rose and Purple glitter is gorgeous and look heavenly wet lined with a matching mica eye shadow.

    I really do not care for this glitter at ALL. I find myself using too much of it for so very little payoff in my shadows.

     I absolutely love the glitter because of how finely milled it is.

     These glitters look amazing in clear soap base!  The Holla is really quite spectacular--the light just dances on it beautifully.

     I love glitter! Although I don't use it much in cosmetics, I always use it in my acrylic mix for my nails. This is so affordable,too!

     I've added Sugar, Mauve and Holla Glow to the my stack of glitter and Holla Glow is a unique and stunning holographic glitter. They are micro fine glitters and I've used them when pressing my own colors. Just love them to pieces! 

     This glitter is simply stunning!!! It's so bright and vibrant and simply superb. The green is an emerald green and it's one of the most beautiful green glitters I've ever seen before. 

     I got a set of the glitters in the 1oz baggies. I have to admit. I hate baggies with a passion. But for tkb's awesome stuff, I will put up with it. I've used the gold, green, blue, chartreuse & holographic glitters & I have to say, I love the Holographic glitter. I'm seriously contemplating ordering a pound of it. That's how amazing I think it is!

     I loove these mirofine glitters. They have staying power when applied to my eyes and the blend well into nail polish because of their small particle size.

     I was surprised at how fine these glitters were. I was afraid they'd be too large, but they are really fine. I only ordered two, but I'm very pleased with the quality and will be ordering more. Only complaint is, the blue actually is more turquoise than a true blue. I look forward to seeing more colors, and I'd LOVE to see more holo glitters in different colors. 

     Seriously. I make some pretty soaps with pretty colors and it's a gas to just drizzle a little glitter over the top of them before they go into the oven to gel. I've made some very lovely soaps, more lovely by adding a little glitter and it's so fine, I can't feel it when I use the soap. 


    Just lovely, beautiful rainbow sparks, very "lively". It pressed beautifully using only a few drops of binding liquid, no other ingredients or fillers, and when I brushed some on for a concert it was still there over 5 hours later. The only thing I could wish would be that it didn't feel gritty in lip products, because it would make an amazing gloss. Oh well, can't have everything.

     I still love these glitters and the color selection. Tons of uses and always fun using.

    I love the silver and purple but the red was a little lackluster. I wanted more sparkle to it. It's so finely milled, it seems, that it's more like a powder. I wish it had more sheen like the purple.

     Please do not order a bigger particle size,it works very well using the correct products with it. I've created many different looks using your glitter, I love it more than my high end cosmetic glitters

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Microfine Glitter Collection has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 33 reviews.

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