Micro Fine Silk Powder
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A very fine, silky and white, with no taste or smell. It averages 3 microns in size. It is typically used in loose powder cosmetics. It will not dissolve in water.
  • Ingredients: Silk.

  • Silk powder is a popular additive to both powder and liquid cosmetics, as well as hair care products:

    Silk adds a sheen to your makeup products as the light is reflected Silk contains 18 amino acids which are easily absorbed into the skin Silk both reflects and absorbs UV rays Silk is a natural moisture-adjusting product which can absorb or release moisture as the temperature and humidity change. It is also a powder which "breathes" Silk is an oil absorbent and is suitable for cosmetics for oily skin.

    You won't need a lot of silk powder to add benefit to your product. Recommended usage rate is 3% - 20% of the formula. Having said this, some people do use large amounts of silk powder to make a "veil" or "finishing powder".

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    Finely ground silk powder that I use in many of my products. Ladies love what it does for their skin so much so that I have trouble keeping it in stock and am constantly creating new products with this. Thanks Kaila for such a wonderful product!!!

    Purchased a sample and made a tiny batch of primer from a recipe submitted on the TKB Forum.  Wow - this silk powder is so soft.  The primer really makes a difference in the appearance of my foundation.

    I use this in a primer i made for a friend with oily skin, works wonders in her T-zone.

    This silk powder is the best quality I have found anywhere... it isn't grainy like some I have tried. I use it in finishing powders for oil control. Amazing product at an amazing price.

    This silk powder now goes in every base I make.  The silk powder is very fine grade as they mentioned; it also goes a long ways.  Try adding a small amount to bath bombs or body powders. My customers love the feel.

    I have really dry skin and this mixed with pearl powder feels so silky and creamy on my skin. It actually helps restore moisture to my skin. Love it!

    Oh this is great for my cosmetic bases.  It adds a cashmere like texture to them.  It is fine and not grainy as others have said.  It actually helps when I've created something that just loves to settle into lines, it fixes that problem nicely.  It is absorbent like Kaolin but without the drying effects and less bulk.  

    I am in love....This makes my skin feel so smooth, and silky..I mixed it with the pearl powder, and some other ingredients, and made a great product for myself....My skin is loving this.  Try it out, you won't be disappointed! Order alot of it, because believe me, you will be coming back for more!

    I use this plain as a finishing powder. Makes foundation last till the end of the day with no shines no more.

    Out of the three whithish powders I bought from TKB (microspheres, pearl and this), this is the one i've enjoyed the most. Microspheres I found to be a bit drying (maybe I apply too much?) and as for pearl's i don't quite care for the texture.

    This is so incredibly soft, I just want to keep  playing with it! I did make a finishing powder with this, sericite, & silica.  However, it smells a little weird.

    Why does this powder taste sweet? Won't explain how I know this, but why in the world would silk powder taste sugary?

    I bought the silica powder along with this to mix with my powder to give it a silkier finish. The silica definitely worked better. This feels slightly grainy and has a distinct smell to it, kind of like old forgotten clothes in the basement. :/ The smell is even more exaggerated when I spray my face with a toner. It doesn't alter the color of product so overall it's not terrible but after finishing this batch, I'll stick with the silica.

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