Micronized Pearl Powder
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Authentic Pearl Powder is a beauty and health secret used for 1000's of years in Asia. In recent years, its use has become more popular due to hydrolytic technology.  Absorption of our Authentic Pearl Powder is considered positive because the product contains 31% Calcium and 56% Protein as well as an assortment of amino acids. This is believed by some to be good for bone development, and to promote healthy, lustrous skin.

  • Ingredients: Pearl.
  • This product is Food Grade.

    Size = 6 ~ 10 micron

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         This is the best pearl powder that I have found. Mixed with other active ingredients and you skin will be the happiest of happy. So if you haven't checked out what it can do for you do so and then come back and get this...you won't regret it!!!

         Since I've been using this Pearl Powder as a primer and I swear my skin looks better.  And don’t worry; this powder is not pearly or shiny at all. It's actually very fine, matte and goes on smoothly. I’m pretty sure this is the exact same Pearl Powder in all the expensive Pearl Creams and Pearl Primers.   It’s nice to use a powder that’s actually good for your skin.

         I use this in my night time treatment and in my daily foundation formula.   It makes my skin so smooth and healthy looking.

         My skin has never been softer! I need to order more! Great to make a nighttime formula with, and to add to your foundations...

         A couple months ago, I started noodling around with a night-treatment for my face. I am an oil slick. Incredibly oily and am so five minutes after I wash my face. I mixed this with silk powder, Kaolin Clay,  Calcium Carbonate. If it said it was drying and I could research that it was non comedogenic, into this powder it went. I also added Fractionated Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. I know I need some moisture. This stuff was so drying, anyone else would be a mummy. Not me. The first night I used my retinoid and made myself into my own testing lab. Next morning, no oil. NONE! first time ever. I've since noodled and twiddled with the recipe, but the 20% pearl powder  remains and it's gone into every finishing powder I make that is not vegan. It's a heavenly product and the price is amazing. It's so worth it for an oil free face for the first time, since I was ten. I'm forty six and found my first recipe I will never, ever share (okay, kids excluded). I put it on my ten year old who is going to have acne as bad as mine and he's stopped breaking out. It was not good, but it's so much better. Is this a holy grail for everyone? Nothing is, but it is for me and what I've spent thousands trying to find over so many years. Thank you Kaila, thank you forum members and the people who have reviewed this before. I can never be grateful enough for this powder. If you have dry skin, you can and should use it too. I put some on my 16 year old Pomeranian. He is always itchy and I mixed this with jojoba oil and rubbed it into his fur. He has stopped rubbing himself on chairs and the bed rails. He was rubbing his fur off and now he stopped. I am thrilled, but not so much as he is. Making no medical claims here. This is anecdotal, but if I itch now, it's pearls and jojoba for me, too!

        I know it is good on skin. But I have been eating pearl for awhile. It nurishes you from within.

     I would like to know if your product is safe to eat? I am looking for one that can be bothe in and out. cutting back on cost on herbs. need to be sure it is safe to eat them. desperate.doing a combonation to safe. use is within and without. put it on and nurish the inward and it is really a regenerating source of heath. by Sharon  TKB Responds:  The product manufacturer confirms that this product is food grade.

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