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The kit is based on a class we once offered by Kaila Westerman.  Kaila taught this class for almost a year. Her class, and this kit, were consistently well-received for being clear, easy to understand, comprehensive and "just what I've been looking for" to give you the chops to go out and make your own mineral makeup.

More than one customer has taken the class or purchased the kit and gone on to develop their own line of mineral make up.

NOTE:  Kit does NOT include the mortar and pestle shown in the photo.  Please consider adding this item to your cart.
  • Ingredients: Numerous, see FAQ's.
  •  Here is what is included in the kit:

    One ounce each of the ingredients you need for your bases: titanium dioxide (regular and micronized), zinc oxide, bismuth oxychloride, sericite mica, talc, kaolin clay and cornstarch.

    For colorants, we have included one full ounce of yellow oxide, as well as one teaspoon each of red, brown and black oxides, ultramarine blue, chromium oxide green, bronze mica, copper mica, gold mica, oriental beige mica, and colorona russet mica, as well as FD&C Red #7.

    Measuring scoops and six containers.

    The 10-page instruction booklet which includes specific projects for foundation, concealer, finishing powder, eye shadow, blush and bronzers. The booklet also teaches you how to make up your own formulas exactly as you want them, down to a perfect color match.

    Eight pages of attachments with recipes and recipe ideas so that you can branch out and make your own formulas.

  • The following reviews are from our old website (to leave a review on this item, please go to the bottom of this page and click the "WRITE A REVIEW" or "BE THE FIRST TO WRITE A REVIEW" grey box). Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         Let me first say how much I am in love with TKB Trading for giving me a new perspective on creating my makeup. I originally purchased from you all the lipstick kit and accessories to make my own lipstick as me being creative on colors and trying something new but about a year ago Sheer Cover stopped making my makeup (their original recipe) which not only look so natural people complimented me on my skin but it allowed me no breakouts which I have had a problem with in every single makeup brand I'd ever tried.  I was devastated. I'd remembered that you had ingredients for making mineral makeup so I decided to have a look and see if I could create something new. I looked online at the book link you provided and realized you had the original Sheer Cover recipe posted and I almost cried. To make a long story short, tonight I decided to put my foot down and try to make my makeup similar as I could. IT CAME OUT PERFECT!!!! I still had the old Sheer Cover container so I had something to base the tone on and with a bit of tweaking it came out perfect. I also made the sheer finish and that came out even more perfect. VERY VERY PLEASED!! I am a client for life and plan to make a stop there in Oakland very soon coming from Maryland. Did I mention it makes enough to last a while and I paid not even half of what I was paying Sheer Cover for the two. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

     I decided i wanted to start making cosmetics,but I felt very overwhelmed and unsure where to start. This kit puts things into perspective!Great kit! Also, I had never ordered here before so i was confused about how to get the free shipping even though my order qualified.i submitted a ticket and received excellent customer service from Kat! Thanks TKB! I will forever be your customer.

      If you are a complete beginner to making your own mineral products, you'll find this kit extremely helpful. You'll get a chance to try out the different pigments & micas as as well as testing the textures of the various ingredients. My favorite is the instruction sheet that comes with it. Basic and simple to understand especially if you are brand new to this! $49 may seem like a big investment for some, but for the amount of ingredients you get and the potential of products you make, I personally think it is a great deal!

     Just Starting Out? Then just start here.  You will learn so much from the information pack and have enough ingredients to figure out what each one does and learn how to make your own cosmetics.

     Had my first experience with making foundation, finishing powder, blush and bronzers and it was really straight forward and easy.  TKB gives you all the materials (with the exception of a few drugstore items) and you just follow the recipe.  I was even brave enough first time out to color match my foundation with great success.  I have enough finished makeup to last a year.  Great experience for a beginner.

     Wonderful! I really needed help getting started in making my own cosmetics and this was a great way to start. I love that there are samples of so many different bases and micas. The information included along with the instructions were spot on. Thank you so much for offering this perfect kit.

     Just got this delivered yesterday and made myself a foundation last night, it still needs tweaking but absolutely everything I could need to do it was in the kit. Awesome! And so easy, with the instructions clear and concise, the kit is totally the best way to get started with foundations! Off to create more wonderful make up! Cheers to TKB!!!!

     As a beginner, I found this kit to have everything I needed to learn to make my own makeup. - I decided to make my own cosmetics, cause that way I have control of what goes in there, what works best for my skin. The possibilities are endless, and I thank TKB Trading for offering an awesome Mineral Makeup kit. Cheers

      I have been using Bare Minerals for years now, and although it was a pretty good match to my skin, I thought I'd try out some recipes on my own.  I ended up making (with a teensy bit of help from the instructions) a foundation better suited to my skin type, and an EXACT color match to my skin!  I will never settle for an "almost match" from a store-bought brand and will be creating my own foundation from now on! 

    I also made my own concealer, color-correcting concealer, bronzer, and blush!  I felt like a mineral make-up pro after one day lol.  Plus, I have enough to make foundation, concealer, etc. for both my mom, my sister, and a few friends, all from this kit!  I am in love with tkb trading and so mad at myself for not finding it earlier!

     Many years ago I purchased BE mineral makeup after watching a TV informerial. I loved it but did not like the price or the ongoing monthly etc shipment option. So was happy to find this kit! So far I have made the foundation and mineral vail. It took some tweaking to match my skin tone since I am African American but followed advice on a prior post regarding cutting back on the colorless powders. The foundation it beautiful-I added some Bismulth for sheen. This kit will make a lot of mineral makeup! Very pleased with my purchase.

     I purchased this kit because I wanted to start making custom cosmetics for my clients & wasn't sure where to begin.  This kit was perfect!  I had plenty of product to experiment with & in no time I was making my own formulas.  I experimented on everyone who would let me & handed out lots of samples which have resulted in actual orders!  Super excited!  Anyway, I was so pleased with the first kit that I decided to order the bigger one.  Can't wait for it to be delivered! 

     I've had so much fun with this kit! It's great to start formulating recipes! I've even started my own brand/company!!!soon I'll be ordering about $400 worth of stuff to create more!!!! Thanks TKB!!!!!

    You don't know me, but I'm a new loyal TKB Trading customer. Here is why:

    I had just opened a cosmetic/mineral makeup store, and just as a lark, I ordered your mineral makeup handcrafting kit. I had planned on ordering all my foundations and colors pre-made from a different supplier. Well, at the last minute, the supplier didn't deliver my products for the grand openingand took ZERO responsibility.

    You can imagine how I panicked, since I had hired a professional makeup artist and invited 100 people to a party at which mineral makeup was the big attraction. I had already been developing my own colors and foundations using your kit and some extra supplies I had ordered from you.

    I took a deep breath, called my partner, and said, OK - we are now in the business of manufacturing mineral makeup. We took matters into our own hands. Your recipes and your little handcrafting kit made enough product to get us through opening day, and we have developed enough confidence that we are going to manufacture our own products.

    So thanks!!! You have a new loyal customer!

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