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The kit is based on a class we once offered by Kaila Westerman.  Kaila taught this class for almost a year. Her class, and this kit, were consistently well-received for being clear, easy to understand, comprehensive and "just what I've been looking for" to give you the chops to go out and make your own mineral makeup.

More than one customer has taken the class or purchased the kit and gone on to develop their own line of mineral make up.

NOTE:  Kit does NOT include the mortar and pestle shown in the photo.  Please consider adding this item to your cart.
  • Ingredients: Numerous, see FAQ's.
  •  Here is what is included in the kit:

    One ounce each of the ingredients you need for your bases: titanium dioxide (regular and micronized), zinc oxide, bismuth oxychloride, sericite mica, talc, kaolin clay and cornstarch.

    For colorants, we have included one full ounce of yellow oxide, as well as one teaspoon each of red, brown and black oxides, ultramarine blue, chromium oxide green, bronze mica, copper mica, gold mica, oriental beige mica, and colorona russet mica, as well as FD&C Red #7.

    Measuring scoops and six containers.

    The 10-page instruction booklet which includes specific projects for foundation, concealer, finishing powder, eye shadow, blush and bronzers. The booklet also teaches you how to make up your own formulas exactly as you want them, down to a perfect color match.

    Eight pages of attachments with recipes and recipe ideas so that you can branch out and make your own formulas.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hello! I'm interested in starting to make my own mineral make up. I want to be more in control of what goes into my make up, and I also hope to save a little money rather than pay $15 and $20 for a jar of make up. Can you please tell me how many jars of foundation powder could be made from this kit? What items come in the kit? Can all of these items be purchased from your company if I need refills to continue making the powder foundation? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    It depends.  The kit includes a lot of raw materials so you are likely to have extra.  However, what will happen is you will like one particular recipe more than another, or your personal skin tone may require more of one color than another.  That's why we give you extra of everything, so that at a minimum you can make 2-3 containers of foundation, along with some blushes and similar face powders.  Also we give you enough to experiment and make mistakes with. 

    The kit is a good "starting point" because of the quantity that you have to play with.  Once you have settled on your recipe you like, you can come back and buy any of the raw ingredients individually and you will definitely find it to be more cost effective than a commercially produced product.  

  • Can you make liquid foundation or fountain sticks with this kit

    The kit does not come with any recipes for other than loose powder mineral makeup.  Certainly the colors that come with this kit could be used to make a foundation or stick, but you would have neither the needed recipes nor all the associated ingredients (such as waxes, preservatives, etc.).

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