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08/16/2016 Update:  We are now offering several different sizes of nail polish beads in our shop.

Stainless steel beads made for nail polish bottles.

    • Ingredients: Stainless steel.

      Economy Monster beads are the more affordable version of our Monster beads. They are the same size and made from the same material, except these are a little bit less shiny compared to the original.

      The ORIGINAL Monster beads (what we sold for years) are small and perfect especially for our 5ml nail polish bottles but also for our larger 15mm bottle. Their diameter is approximately 4mm (5/32") and we recommend using two per bottle.

      T-Rex beads are slightly bigger than our Monster beads. Their diameter is approximately 4.8mm (3/16").

      Dragon beads are the smaller alternative for the Zilla beads. If you think Zilla beads are too big for your bottles, Dragon beads are the good alternative. Their diameter is approximately 5.6mm (7/32").

      The ORIGINAL Zilla beads (what we sold for years) are the largest. These hefty (and heavy!) beads are big enough to go "one to a bottle". They fit in all of our bottles. Their diameter is approximately 6mm (1/4").

    •  Note: we only sell 100% stainless steel beads. The beads do not contain zinc, which can discolor in nail lacquers.

    • The following reviews are from our sister website, tkbtrading.com. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

           If you're mixing polishes, especially solid colors together, you NEED these. They're fantastic.

           These make mixing very easy, and are essential if you're making polish for others (especially glitters, since some will settle regardless of base).  Don't use the zinc coated BBs instead; those can rust over time apparently.

           the zilla beads work beautifully in my water based nail polish.

           I love my huge balls!  I was using 3 of the smaller balls per bottle, but with the Zilla balls I will only be using two.  If you are clumsy like me, you will notice the zilla balls are easier to find (when they fall on the floor) than the smaller ones. When I drop my balls I wont step on them anymore!

           These are the best ever for glitter bomb polish. When will they be back in stock?? TKB Responds: around 1/23/14

           Just as stated 2 of these mixing balls/beads is perfect for franken/indie/handmade polish blends. In fact, Im ordering more today. Thanks!

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