Orange Oxide
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We are now offering a new Orange Oxide. While the ingredients list is the same, the product is a different color.

Orange oxide is a blend of Red Iron Oxide and Yellow Iron Oxide. It is a flat inorganic pigment, popular for all kinds of cosmetic and personal care products.

  • Ingredients:Iron Oxide (77492), Iron Oxide (77491).

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I was tired of making my own orange oxide, so I bough this...and I love it.  It is perfect...Which saves me time, and saves my other oxides and bases.  It is no guesswork with this oxide.  Perfect for making peachy colors...Love it!

     This is the PERFECT shade to add warmth to my custom blend for my very golden tan, yellow toned complexion that still has and needs warmth! It is my new staple and so far has actually replaced my need for red all together in my own foundation blends...GORGEOUS TONE!

    I love this in my CP soap. Easy to disperse and stable. Very earthy orange without being muted

    Sorry I gave it a 1 star because i haven't bought it yet i just need to ask a few questions b4 buying. oxide are used to add to pressing eyeshadows and mixing or making new colors? I like this color and wouldn't know what to do with this or other oxides that i like. please help trying to make another purchase soon. Thanks in advance TKB Responds:  This isn't really the place to post questions.  We are adding a searchable Knowledge Base to our site, in the meantime, just contact us at the CONTACT US page with your query.

    I knew when I received this it was going to look brown, so I contacted tbk to make sure I had received the  new one and not the old one. I had gotten the right one but I was looking for a true orange. My pressed powder appears to be the exact orange I wanted but it is not true to color once on the skin. I can still work with it though.

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