Nosy Be Chameleon
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Glitter Chameleon stepped up just one more notch.
  • Ingredients: Synthetic Fluorophylogopite (77019), Silica, Titanium Dioxide (77891), Tin Oxide (77861), Iron Oxide (77491).

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      This was the only Mica I was not pleased with My batch looks nothing like the picture there is no purplish blue it's just a brown color with very few blue glitter pieces that as I am trying to transfer to press are floating away.

         This is my absolute all time favorite color from TKB. I can not imagine not having it or using it. It is gorgeous by itself but it adds a lovely and amazing twist to brown and red lipsticks and glosses. I just wish I had bought a pound of it as opposed to a few ounces.

         The Lady Billies Softball team in Texas is absolutely in love with this color and extremely jealous that they do not own it (yet). My daughter and I tweaked it too by putting a homemade pastel-hilite super soft purple, a homemade pastel-hilite pink and Luminosity Glitter(the glitter for facial products has never bothered us and we have very sensitive skin) and we had the good luck -game winning eye shadow (we advanced to the playoffs and were not supposed too ). The whole team is now begging me to make them some. Luckily it is TKB ordering day for me. Please don't ever take Nosy away.

         This is without question my very most favorite color. It is so gorgeous. It is perfect by itself, or with just about any other color. It's beautiful for a lip color too. My only problem is that since it is my favorite I really have to make myself stay away from it when mixing because all my eye shadows start to have a bit of the same look. Though it does mix into some gorgeous colors. :)

         This is probably my favorite of all the colors that TKB sells. The blue/turquoise sparkles that it has are out-of-this-world gorgeous.

         Such an unbelievable color. I was at a loss for words when I opened the baggie.

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Nosy Be Chameleon has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 10 reviews.

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