Pink - Red/Blue Shade
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This brilliant pink has a reddish blue afterglow.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Carmine (75470).

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       I am right there with everyone else who LOVES this color. I am not even sure why- it doesn't look great with my skin tone as an eye shadow (I wear it anyway!), but no matter, I would paint my walls with it! It makes a FANTASTIC lippie, although I wish the color were more saturated on lips. love love it!!!!

    So pretty with the color change. Great for lip products! Very unique.

    I plan to use this as a lip color. It has a blue/purple hue to it.

    Très belle couleur ressemble au pigment "pink pearl" de MAC ;)

    Very very pretty

    This is a unique pink color love it!

     No joke. REALLY! If you LOVE; MAC's "Stars & Rockets" Eyeshadow - Here it is! ... I'm really shocked. Great job Kaila. It's absolutely one of my fav's - What a find a treasure...Until now my TBK's purchases have been for my obsession: creating the best lip gloss "ever"... (someday I may say why...but it's not what you'd think) TKB " Pink -- Red/Blue Shade " looks sooo pretty in Lip Gloss!!!...But I've using it mixed with a little Pashmica (Mica paired with natural silica) & Micro Fine Silk Powder for a loose eyeshadow...I wish we could upload pic's in the reviews because you could see how identical this Mica is to MAC's "Stars Rockets"...

    Great color pay-off. A perfect raspberry sherbet jelly polish with some duochrome. As an eye color, just fabulous! Strong duochrome in shimmer bases.

     I mix this with Luster Base and get great results.  I don't know if it stains- I always wear a polish base. Every time I wear this in a polish, I get compliments on my pretty nail polish. The purple/blue chrome tones pop from the pink undertones that is perfect for a spring summer polish.  I wear it on my fingers, but it would be a great pedi color too! 

     I normally don't go for pink but this pigment makes a fantastic nail polish. The blue shine is clear and it really looks almost futuristic as a result. 

    It is a very lovely color, but I agree with Alyssa , it is more a lovely Violet not pink color. May be they meant by "pink red blue" that it a combination of the three colors!!! Anyway, it is a very lovely VIOLET color.

    It's a pretty color, but it's definitely not as bubblegum pink in the picture, which was what I wanted. In fact, it looks exactly the same as Bishop's Violet when rubbed on the skin. 

    This is a very pretty color..but it does not soap well in CP turns grey )-:

     I have used this for both lips & eye products but have now discontinued using it due to skin staining a bright red.

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Pink - Red/Blue Shade has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 19 reviews.

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