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08/18/2016 Update: We are no longer selling this product anymore. However, we do have another color in our collection that is very similar to Pisces Blue which is Ocean Green. Please Click Here to check out Ocean Green. 

Pisces Mica is a rather shimmery pastel blue mica which gleams slightly green due to the golden highlight. It has good coverage (not too translucent).
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Silica, Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510).

    Not really stable in soap making.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     I was expecting it to be more powdery like in the picture, but kind of has the texture of glitter.  It's still a great color though, and it looks great on my skin!

     I love that this mica is more glittery than powdery,It's a nice change than the usual shimmery blue green mica

     If you haven't tried this one..you need to. The picture doesn't do it justice. Full of undertones and golden shimmer along with the beautiful color portrayed...once used...you will go to it again and again.

     This might be one of my favorite colors ever. It has enough color to look great as a shadow, but also functions wonderfully as a liquid liner. Has a nice subtle glitter - gorgeous color!

     This is the perfect color for eyeshadow or eyeliner.  However, I used it in a special technique in clear soap.  WOW - this just made the color - plus some other colors that I have bought here.  Thanks for such a perfect color.

     This is my new favorite blue mica....It is wonderful!!  A must have!

     This is by far my favorite mica. I've ordered many from here and I used this one the most. Great on darker skin tones. The only thing is that it irritates my eyes really bad. Its only with this one, but I'm still going to use it. I'm going to add some bases to it to see if that help. A must have!

     Just got my first order today, and am in LOVE with this colour.  I cannot believe the absolutely gorgeous shimmer within the dusty blue powder.  I am thinking, this very well may be my VERY favourite colour for eye shadow dust of ANY, and I have loved makeup for many Moons. I am officially obsessed with TKBTradking, and I will NEVER order makeup anywhere else, now that I have package I. (Package II ordered this morning). This is gorgeous. Do not hesitate to order, and if you get the 1oz. as I did, you will have enough to share with your BFFs and make everyone gorgeous!  ♥

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