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Plastic 4-cavity Lipstick Mold. Make your own Lippies! (12.1 mm cup size).


    • Ingredients: Plastic.

      Our 4-cavity lipstick mold has been tested and reviewed by many of our customers. It is sized for the 12.1 mm (.477 inch) cup size lipstick casing.The tip shape it produces is called the "BU" tip.

    • We used to offer a transparent version of the mold.  This was demonstrated in the videos below.  Please note that we now ony offer the opaque version, but it works the same. Host Koren Zander mixed up a special Periwinkle Blue, Coconut Flavored Lippie for his sister.

    • The following reviews are from our old website (to leave a review on this item, please go to the bottom of this page and click the "WRITE A REVIEW" or "BE THE FIRST TO WRITE A REVIEW" grey box). Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         I purchased this mold earlier this year. I was able to make some lipsticks fine, but then the product started coming out of the sides of the mold causing me to lose lip color.

           I recently purchased your mold and it works like a dream. I have made over 200 lipsticks in a couple of weeks and no problems. Thanks for a great product. I might have to upgrade to a metal one soon. I haven't had any problems with the lipstick breaking and it only takes about 5 minutes in the freezer to set. There are 2 reasons that I can think of why a lipstick can breaks. 1 - not oiled properly, 2 - the lipstick mixture is not the right consistency and could be on the soft side. I make my own cream base and I have never had any problems. 

           I like your lipstick mold so much. yes it takes some practice to get beautiful shape. 1st it was my recipe, too much candelila wax in my recipe, then i tweaked the recipe a bit. & you have to wait more than 20 minutes in the freezer. well, i wait until 30-45 minutes then it's easy to take the lipstick out from the mold. earlier than that it will be too soft to handle with. 

           Very very good this mold!! I love it! Thank you!!

           I bought this a while back. I finally used. I love this mold. I use olive oil to coat. The first time I had to push down(seemed stuck in top mold attachment) to get the top part out. To find out the top part had a couple bumps in it. If you ran your finger around it you could feel them. I took my generic dremel and used a sanding round tip to sand down the bumps in the top attachment of the mold. Once smoothed, washed and sanitized, put oil in it (you can lightly sand again for really smooth but not necessary) and now they slide right out. Check the top part for bumps in mold attachment. If you don't have a dremel you can buy a round sanding tip and use with a drill if you have it to smooth it out. If you sand a bit too much it just fits snugger in the lipstick holder. Use something to clean any lipstick that pushes over holder off before twisting the lipstick down.

           Thank you so much, I love the economic lipstick mold. It's perfect!

           I love this mold. It's perfect for the Swag Pink Lip tubes. 

           I just made very nice lipsticks !! I had no problems to get them out! My next step is to create lipsticks with more covering and deepest colors.

           I purchased this and like many others i had a hard time at first until i figured out what the problem was, i have used this for about 6 months and counting and my business is very successful off of the 1 one mold, matter of fact i will purchase 2 more when they come back on stock to be able to make more lipsticks at a is the trick i noticed when i would begin the lipsticks wouldn't break and come out fine but as i got to making more colors back to back it would start to break...well its because in between time you have to put them in the freezer for 15 mins, well you know as you open and close the freezer the cold comes out so they were breaking because the freezer wasn't cold enough from opening and closing it...when i started to leave them in the freezer from 20-30 mins i had no problems lipsticks came out perfectly just make sure you prep the mold, i prep mine with a q-tip dipped in grapeseed oil i have not had any problems since...

           I love this economic lipstick mold. Already have two of this, and cant wait to buy more. They are out of stock at the time, so I really hope they will get back soon. A very good tips is to have some castor oil in the bottom part, NOT in the top. Then you can make lipsticks without any mess or broken ones.

           Ok  I got  to  admit  this   I  was  so afraid  to   try  making  lipsticks  ,  gloss  no  problem   but  lipstick  I dunno  it  scared me  I knew  it  had to be  hard   . I  ordered  the transparent   model  ,  it  got  here   I  left   it  in the  cabinet ,   one night  I was  so  bored  so  I  pulled  it  out  read the  instructions   and  made  the  coolest  nicest  lipstick   you ever  saw   Holy  hairballs  I  made  lipstick   and  it was  so  easy  and the  mold  rocks !!!!!!   I  think  I might  need  another  one here  soon  !!! thanks  so  much  TKB   you  guys  rock  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

           My previous review......should have five stars. Oops.

           I am excited to sell my own lipsticks now.  I had some issues at first until I found the right oil and method to get the lipstick out.  Castor oil didn't work.  I found out olive oil works fairly good if coated somewhat well with a q-tip.  I am sure there are a few other oils you can use to make your lipstick come out easily.  After slightly over pouring and checking for sink holes, I scrape the top of the lipstick mold to make it flat. I freeze the lipsticks pretty good maybe 20 minutes, remove the top part of the mold, freeze again about 5-10 minutes, then use the lipstick tubes, gently moving it once to each side ever so slightly if there is any sort of seal going on, then it starts coming out pretty well, but do not spin the tube until after you have removed the lipstick.  Also too much oil makes your lipstick real oily but most of the oil is absorbed back into the lipstick.  Olive oil and qtips work great for cleaning and lubbing the lipstick mold.  If the lipstick starts coming out with the top part, gently use a gloved pinky finger or other small object that is clean to push it down softly back into the mold.

           I had to clean the molds when I got them with Alcohol, which was no biggie.  Watched the videos by Enkore (thank you for having those linked!). Lubed up my molds with Fractionated Coconut Oil from TKB (it's the bomb) used the lipstick base, and mixed a variety of micas to create the lipsticks my customers love so much.  Poured them in and let them set up.  The opaque mold doesn't have the guide for the tubes but it was no big deal to get them in the tube.  It was super easy! Just be sure to lube the mold really well and all should work ok.  I used a butter knife to start the separation of the mold pieces from one another. Then took a gloved finger when the lipstick stayed in the upper half of the mold and just pushed it down and it broke free easily.  And they fit perfectly in my tubes. I do really recommend these and TKB's lip base as well.  It will really help your business flourish :) 

           i cant imagine a more expensive counterpart working better than this. Perfect lipsticks every time at a fraction of the price. love love love. just make sure to oil it before you use it or your lipsticks will get stuck and its a pain

           I tried out the mould yesterday and it worked, it made the most perfect tube of lipstick! I think the one I had before must have been faulty, so thank you TKB, I have fallen in love with lipstick-making all over again! :)

           This has paid for it self in the amount of lipstick it has produced. I purchased the economy mold and I say how much I have enjoyed it. The economy mold is essay to clean and produces a perfect tip no dome shaped or cheap center point you get a perfect sliced tear drop tip every time

           I use this all the time! This is a great mold, and lipsticks come out beautifully. I just wish it was easier to clean.

           Hate to see the recent sadness w/ these molds in the reviews. I've had 2 of these molds for at least a year; came to the site to order more because I use them so much; need to make more lipsticks at one time. I recently had a problem with my lipsticks breaking every time Id try to remove them from the molds however; after a long day of hair pulling switched the tops on each mold; voila! No more breaking lipsticks! So I took a sharpie; numbered the appropriate top to the appropriate bottom! Once in a while I do get one that doesn't want to come out of the bottom. I found the best lube to be fractionated coconut oil. But still on occasion have to take a napkin that has texture to it for gripping a slick surface; wiggling ever so gently the lipstick free from the mold. Now Im happy again! Confident however for business to be so good that I need a 90 lipstick mold when they are back in! :0)

           I have been using my mold for months now, and it is still in perfect condition.  I have made tons of beautiful lipsticks, and when ever I use it, it is like using it for the first time.  It is very sturdy, and well made.  It has lasted me this long, and I have even dropped it!  PERFECT mold....Can't wait to buy more!!

           I will never think making a good lipstick is easy. It's a lot of factors and no formula is perfect, but between the Lipstick Base and my Lipstick Mold, I'm very happy. This mold is easy to use, affordable and allows me to make a very professional looking lipstick at a fraction of the cost of an aluminum mold, and with a cleaner look than any mold that makes me cut the end of my lipstick myself. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to un-mold. I cannot say enough good about this, for the hobbyist, or professional who makes around 30-60 lipsticks a month in different colors. I cannot justify the purchase of a large mold for a long time, and if I buy a couple more molds, maybe ever. This is very sturdy and very much worth the money. 

           You need this for making perfect lipstick, its incredible awesome

           It is brilliantly designed to make it easy to use. If you're buying this, make sure to get yourself a lot of TKB's lipstick base and a half case of the economy lipstick tubes. You're going to need them all!

           This mold is perfect! Good heavy duty construction and so easy to use Once you get the "feel" of it you will be-able to produce very professional looking lipsticks. :)

           I love this mold! It's extremely affordable and surprisingly heavy duty. The lipsticks come out so perfect looking, I still can't believe I made them. I bought this to hold me over until I could get a metal mold, but I'm so happy with this, I think I'll get another one of these. 

           I love the way lippies come out, no more balm tubes. I did have to reverse one side of my mold to get it to line up correctly but that was no big deal. Instead of logo to logo, I had to do logo, to blank. Also, the black diamond, noire and silver diamond all fit into the casing guide no problem, but I do find that step not needed, just freehand slipping them on and save the time. Def oil the mold well, a stuck or broken lippie is a bummer to clean out. Way to go TKB!

           This mold is excellent!  It is easy to work with, and the rewards are fantastic!  It is priced right, and it makes professional looking lipsticks.  I have made so many, and each time I am in awe of how wonderful they look.  I HIGHLY recommend this mold!  You will thank me for it!:)

           I just was able to get started making my lipsticks & I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mold! The price is right & I am so thankful to Kaila for creating this affordable mold! I didn't know if I could justify spending $200 on a mold until I knew I would be selling a lot of lipsticks, so this is perfect for me! Easy to use, & I am having a blast making these, I will eventually purchase the more expensive mold! Thanks again Kaila! You ROCK! 

           I really love this mold but it seems as if it's getting small holes in it. Which makes the finished lipstick have the imprint of the holes. TKB Responds:  you can lightly heat the finished lipstick with a hair dryer or heat gun to polish off the bullet. But if you feel that yo have a product which needs replacing, open a ticket and we will take care of you. 

          I bought four of the $29 economy molds for a big project, thinking that four molds could only expedite the entire process. And right there is where I was wrong. I filled all four molds at the same time and put them in the refrigerator to cool, as in my experience, putting the molds in the freezer causes condensation to build up on the lipstick bullet, which inst attractive. After about an hour, I pulled the molds out and had absolutely zero issues getting the bullets to slide out easily without any damage.. HOWEVER, out of all four of the molds, only one produced a smooth bullet. Two of them caused the bullets to come out with small indentations, which I soon found out was because the inside of the mold was not sanded smooth.. there were little chunks of plastic that hadn't been sanded down.. and the third mold produced bullets that were smaller on the bottom, where the actual bullet sits, and quite a bit bigger on the 'fitting' part, which slides down into your lipstick tube. Since the part that went down into the tube was too big, it caused lipstick to gather around the fitting of the tubes, and created a huge mess. Overall, these molds are splendid and (when they're constructed properly) these molds perform well. TKB Responds: If you are unhappy with your molds, let us know and we will take care of you. If your tube and the bullet you make with our molds don't work (the tube is too small) let us know. The molds are designed to work with our tubes. "Let us know" is best done by opening a ticket to customer service!

         once the mixture was in the frezzer for 20m is or longer i carefully slide off the top part of the mold, the lipstick *ALWAYS* breaks in two. The mold doesn't 'CLICK' like it said it should. i purchased so much supply and would love to enjoy it. also is thera an easier way to clean out the lipstick when it breaks? PLEASE HELP!! THANKS TKB Responds:  If you have problems, contact us directly.  We are happy to replace if it is defective, which it sounds like this one is.

         Lipstick licking down from the side!!! M so disappointed.. When i poured my lipstick to the mold..It's started to licking down from the side n my lipstick constantly broke in half..Yay wasted of my money..TKB Responds:  We are happy to talk you through it, or refund or replace as needed, no point in wasting money.

        I've tried dimethicone as a mold release and safflower oil as mold release and while the bottom comes out just fine the sticks ALWAYS get stuck to the top. If I push them out with my finger the top is really streaky and damaged looking. The inside of the top part looks really uneven and I suspect that that's why the lipstick gets stuck to it. No amount of oil will prevent that from happening. This is the second mold I try, the previous one had this problem and was ill-fitting. This one clicks fine and the lipsticks don't break but things get stuck to the top. Any advice on what I might be doing wrong? :(


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