Press Pack: Square, 26mm
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A Press Pack is a good starting point if you are interested in pressing your own powdered cosmetics.

Each Press Pack includes: Nine Tin Pans; Two Press Tiles; One Tamper Tool to help tamp down and press powders.

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  • Ingredients: Tin, Acrylic, Plastic.
  • Here is some general info about the items in this set:
    Tin Pans. The nine pans are made of tin (not aluminum) which means that they cling to the magnetic base of our palette and also that they are able to withstand pressure from the pressing action better than the aluminum pans.

    Pressing Tiles are pieces of acrylic plastic which have been machine cut to perfectly nest inside our pans. They come to you covered in a protective sheet of brown paper, which you should remove prior to pressing. If you have been using a coin to press your powders, our Pressing Tiles are used in a similar manner. Additionally, you may use a c-clamp or vise grip to press the tile into the powder and pan.

    A Tamper Tool is a Pressing Tile with a handle attached. We use it to tamp down the first two layers of powder, as well as to make that last final press. In fact, we often use the Tamping Tool only in our projects, and never use a pressing tile.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    As a MMU hobbyist, I hadn't tried pressing before. But once TKB suggested a powder binder and just using fco or jojoba, I *had* to try. And now every loose MU product in my house is pressed! The tamping tool itself is great! It has a great weight to it and easy to use. The handle fits perfectly in my hand (and NO sore thumbs!) I used the pressing tile once, but really find myself just using the tamping tool alone. I would definitely recommend pressing. Thanks Kaila for enabling me to be "square." :-)

    I too am pressing everything in sight. I LOVE this square pan, and the Pressing tool is perfect. Again, THANK YOU Kaila!

    This is so easy to use and very straight forward and your pressed will look fantastic. I can't recommend this and all the press pack enough! And get extra tins, you won't regret it. Have fun!

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