Press Your Own Makeup Kit
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Fun easy project, choose the color for your palette!  Digital Download of instructions with every order.  Watch the Video!

  • Click on the FAQ's to see what is included with the kit. Note the sieve in this video is not included as it was discontinued by the manufacturer, but you may purchase a similar sieve at our site.
  • You will need to supply the pigments for pressing (we recommend 2-4 sample sizes of our colored micas).  You may wish to also purchase our sieve and a small bowl for mixing into.

    The kit includes:

    • Two 4-well magnetic palette made of eco-friendly cardboard yet with good, durable finish (black)
    • Eight 26mm round tins which fit inside the palettes
    • One Tamper Tool and one press tile for pressing your powders
    • 1/2 fl oz TKB PressIt Binder
    • Pressing Ribbon
    • 8 zip lock baggies
    • TKB MyMix Press Base
    • 2 scoops and 1 spatula
    • Pair of latex gloves
    • Instructions

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Questions & Answers

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  • will the tins rust?

    Yes, if exposed to water.  They are made of tin.

  • I want to order the mymix pressit binder but i can not find it im not sure it may just be me

    Here you go:

  • Is there a kit or recipe for press eye glitters. Or what ingredients works best.

    We are working on putting together a pressed glitter base and/or recipe instruction, but as of 4/17 we don't have it.  Please check back, as it is the project that we are currenty working on.

  • Do I need to add a preservative to this to make it last longer?

    Yes, we would recommend Cap-2.

  • About how many eyeshadows will this kit make?

    You have to buy the pigments to go with them.  We are only providing the tools and the additives.  I would guess enough to make from 8 - 12 colors, with room for error and waste.

  • I bought the kit but I want to make highlighters in the 57mm pan. What's the measurement that I would need for this size?

    I think you are asking how much powder is required to fill a 57mm pan?  We could estimate for you that it would be about 1 - 2 teaspoons of powder.

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