Press Your Own Makeup Kit
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Fun easy project, choose the color for your palette!  Digital Download of instructions with every order.  Watch the Video!

  • Click on the FAQ's to see what is included with the kit. Note the sieve in this video is not included as it was discontinued by the manufacturer, but you may purchase a similar sieve at our site.
  • You will need to supply the pigments for pressing (we recommend 2-4 sample sizes of our colored micas).  You may wish to also purchase our sieve and a small bowl for mixing into.

    The kit includes:

    • Two 4-well magnetic palette made of eco-friendly cardboard yet with good, durable finish (black)
    • Eight 26mm round tins which fit inside the palettes
    • One Tamper Tool and one press tile for pressing your powders
    • 1/2 fl oz TKB PressIt Binder
    • Pressing Ribbon
    • 8 zip lock baggies
    • TKB MyMix Press Base
    • 2 scoops and 1 spatula
    • Pair of latex gloves
    • Instructions
  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         I followed the directions but the liquid binder kept forming a clump and wouldn't mix at all!!!  I then tried using my sieve to crumble the goopy ball but it just clogged it up and wouldnt go through. I've tried it 3 times already and I'm getting kind of discouraged :( Am I doing something wrong? It doesn't seem like anybody else on this site has had this problem. I watched a video on youtube and this girl said she you can add alcohol to the TKB binding liquid to allow it to blend evenly... Will this alter the color or quality of the finished shadow?  Giving 3 stars because everything in this kit seems to be made with such great quality I'm assuming it's user error. TKB responds: Go back to your childhood and imagine yourself making a sand castle.  It's the same intuitive idea of making the sand wet enough to form a castle.  Not so dry it powders through your fingers and not so wet it slurries out.  Also, not all powders are created equal, some want more liquid and some want less.  So don't be exacting in your measurements, if it is too clumpy, use more liquid!  Make it more liquidy!  In your case, a little bit of alcohol will go a long way in loosening things up before you press. Good Luck!

         The table of information was well put together and very informative. Instructions were easy to follow and laid a nice foundation for formulating tips. Following the directions there was absolutely no mistakes, I was very pleasantly surprised by the results. Also, the photos do not do the compacts included justice: they are extremely classy & have just the right hint of shimmer, not what is typically expected of cardboard.

         The instruction manual is excellent, especially table #1.  Straight forward and clear.  Nicely written and a great layout: this is a comprehensive guide to "pressing powders". The kit will provide you the basics you need to press powders (+ it's a good price), but the instruction will help you progress to making the make-up/formulation that works for you. 
    Hurrah TKB!

         I am really excited about this kit !! I wish Kayla had this kit before my book, CIG to Making Natural Beauty Products, went to press because I would have told the reader to BUY THIS kit from TKB. It is perfect for beginners and for anyone who wants to press their MMU products. This one little inexpensive kit will open the door to a ton of fun and will make pressing the powders so easy that even my 9 year old graddaughter could do it. These little kits will be finding their way into the Christmas stockings for my daughters and granddaughters this coming holiday. It makes the perfect gift for the hard to buy for friend who is crafty. Just don't forget to buy a few micas to add with it. If I had 16 thumbs I would have all 16 thumbs up. Save yourself a lot of frustration and simply buy this kit.
    Sally who adores TKB and has since I found it 10 years ago.

         I've wasted so much money buying eyeshadow!  This is the best investment I've made!  I ordered this along with the 13 pigment sample collection.  I love it!!!

         Great kit to press mineral makeup. Purchased to press mineral makeup I already have because of the messiness of mineral makeup. Wasn't impressed with using plastic bags so I used the container the minerals came in. An eyeshadow jar with .57gm makeup fills the 26mm pan. Easier for me to use jar rather than bags. No more mineral mess!!!!

         I had tried another pressing binder before and it came out a huge rock hard mess. It took two years for me to try it again. This kit's instructions were so easy and it came out perfect! I started with a color I had an ounce of and wouldn't mind wasting for fear it would turn out like my previous experience. Took 5 minutes and I had a beautiful perfect shadow!

        Without a doubt - this little kit was the first thing i opened out of a large order from TKB and was really stunned at how easy it was to make a shadow. I made the most amazing grey I have ever seen. Being a makeup artist, i was particularly impressed with the consistency of the colours and the quality! TOP PRODUCT! I am so chuffed with this!!!! Thank you!

    This is a fun kit that works well, but there is a learning curve, for sure. My advice: Use mixing bowls/jars and skip the baggies. I could not get a feel for the mixture's dampness, and it was incredibly messy. I cut the baggies up and use them between the tamper and the shadow. The instructions are pretty good, but I advise skipping the drop of liquid binder on the bottom, as it just makes the shadow sticky. The mortar and pestle (grinder) and the sieve make the pigments so easy to work worth, do get them. Press in at least the 3 recommended layers. I usually do 4-5 layers and they turn out perfectly. The binders are top-notch. The compacts and tools are great. Instructions do not say what to do after the shadow is pressed. I assume you can just let it air dry. My husband is an engineer and owns as processing oven, so I dry them in it at 150 degrees F for a few hours.


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