Queen Kathryn
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Kathy? Oh Yea, she's a Drama Queen.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Iron Oxide (77491).
  • The pigment: Medium sheen rich red which rubs down to an intense, almost metallic pink. Great for drama queens like my sister, Kathryn. (Of course, we won't tell her I said that, right?)


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    This is one of my favorite reds.  It is a great color for making glosses, lipsticks, toned down for blushes.  It's an intense red with just the right amount of sparkle.  It's a medium dark red color with pink sheen.

    When this color first came out, I remember it sold out in just a few days and I can see why! It is a gorgeous metallic red; a little lighter than I expected since it does rub down with a pink sheen but ends up beautiful anyway and more natural especially if you wear it as a blush.

    A little more red-toned then rouge flambe, ended up liking this one a lot more actually. Makes a nice eyeshadow or lippie color.

    This is my 2nd Favorite red, I wish it was a bit darker, but I do love the fact its a Red/Pink and not a red/orange.

    I really love strong red with little bit of pink in it. Gorgeous color.

    Wow, this mica delivers a strong punch of color to my lipstick.  It has a deep dimension to it even when mixed with oils and waxes.  Paired with Crucible Gold, it really pops on the lips.  Since I'm ginger with blue eyes and reddish hair, it's nice to find a red that doesn't morph into orange when applied in a lipstick.

    This mica works very well in CP soap - doesn't morph or loose it's color.

    I know your sister well but this color is FABULOUS! Everyone probably stops and looks at her when she enters a room.  Just like me. (LOL) With Queen Kathryn on I feel like a queen.  I love to use it as an eyeshadow on my lids, because it makes my olive green / brown eyes pop better than most colors.  Also this pigment is great on the lips.  After adding my favorite lippy, I dab a little in the center of my lips for a extra pouty look.  I brought just one small sample.  Trust me, I will buy more.  I was so stingy, I could not even part with the small particles that clinged inside the emptied bag.  I added a cheap mineral blush to the remaining and dumped it back into its container.  Like magic, it made the dollar version of a mineral blush look like an high end designer brand called Laguna.

     This is turly the "Queen" very pretty color.

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