Raging Raspberry
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Bright, intense pink purple.
  • Ingredients:  Basic Violet 11 (45174), Fluorescent Brightener 184.
    Not a cosmetic-grade product however it will "work" in nail polish. 
  • What does TKB mean when it says a color additive is "Not a cosmetic-grade product however it will 'work' in nail polish"?   It means that we recognize that there are many, many people making nail polish either as a craft, hobby or independent business who do not care about whether their color additive is permitted for cosmetic use by the government.  They only want to know if the pigment will perform in nail polish (blend in, not stain, etc.).  We can tell you that this color is NOT permitted, however it will 'work' just fine.


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         This is amazing! Love, love, love this color. One of my go-to's. You're using way too much if it's bleeding in your CP soap. It should be hydrated at a rate of 1 tsp/1 Tbs of carrier oil; this is enough to color a pound of soap batter. If you're getting colored soap bubbles, then you're over coloring. 

    I was going for a light, bright pink, kind of a bubble gum type of color for a swirl in CP soap; so I mixed this color with some powdered titanium dioxide.  Wow, beautiful and eye popping!  Thanks for all of your high quality products and great prices!  

     In CP soap this was the same color as "closeup in CP soap" photo above. Very strong, dark, raspberry color. However, it seems to be bleeding into my white swirls. I used a lot of color - too much, as my soap bubbles will be raspberry. Still love the color.

    Used this color in a 7 color swirl for CP and melt n pour and it bled into the white.  Can't sell the soap now.  Horrible 'bleeder'.. Would be great as single color, but never in white!

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