Recipe For Brick Red

Brick Red

Designed by Linda


Phase A

0.40 gram Red Iron Oxide

0.04 gram Sericite Mica

0.88 grams castor oil

Phase B

10 gram TKB Lipstick Base

Phase C

6 drops TKB's White Lip Liquid

4 drops TKB's Red #21 Lip Liquid

0.30g TKB's Mermaid's Gold Mica

0.20g TKB's Pink Crystal Mica

Phase D

0.20g Dimethicone

0.50g Cyclomethicone

0.30g Glycerin

A few drops of Vanilla flavour oil

30 drops Vitamin E


Grind Phase A iron oxide and mica together and then disperse into castor oil. Melt Phase B in the microwave in short bursts (or your choice of melting method). Add Phase A and Phase C to Phase B, stir well. Add Phase D and pour into molds.

Designer Comments:

These recipes make highly pigmented lipsticks. Is was hard to find the right balance between creamy/soft enough and at the same time not have it break in the mold.

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