Recipe For Fairy Kisses
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Soft pink with some opacity. Lightly flavored.
  • Fairy Kisses

    Designed by Kristina

    Phase A

    About 2 oz. Versagel

    1 Large Scoop of Carnauba Wax

    1 Large Scoop of Candelilla Wax

    Phase B

    2 tsp of castor oil

    4 Large Scoop Cotton Candy Mica

    4 Large Scoop Strawberry Pop!

    20 drops of Mauve pigment

    20 drops of Red Pigment

    Phase C

    4 drops of Vitamin E

    4 drops of Black Cherry Flavoring oil

    4 drops of Vanilla Flavoring

    1 Large Scoop of Stevia


    Heat Phase A until runny. Blend Phase B and add to Phase C. Stir Phase A and B/C until it is all incorporated. The heat from the mixture helped melt the stevia and helped everything meld together. Pour into tubes or pots

    Designer Comments:

    NOW, this is my favorite color, and flavoring..Black Cherry Vanilla... It feels nice and creamy on the lips, and it is a beautiful color.

    In this formula, Tina is using TKB's plastic Recipe Scoops for measuring.



  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I made this recipe but instead of of the cotton candy I use Pearl basics, and used 20 drops of yellow #5, 10 drops of red #27, and 10 drops of red # 7 and whala color is absolutely gorgeous

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