Recipe For Peach Delight Lip Gloss
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Peach Delight Lip Gloss

Designed by Mayeeta


Phase A

2g titanium dioxide

1g yellow oxide

1.5g red oxide, red shade

0.5g silica microspheres

0.5g sericite mica

0.5g micronized silk powder

0.5g Sparkle White mica

0.5g boron glow

Phase B

0.17g beeswax

0.17 candelilla wax

4.32g grapeseed oil

0.3g castor oil

Phase C

splash of Vitamin E and Spearmint oil

7.5% Phase A color blend


Grind together the Oxides and base powders in Phase A and then shake in the micas. Melt Phase B in microwave in 1 minute intervals until fully melted. Add Phase C, stir and pour into pots or tubes..

Designer Comments:

Note that the Phase A color grind will result in more color than you will use in this formula. It is typical of a formulator to make a color grind in advance and use it in various formulary.

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