Recipe For Pink Cream
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Another bit 'o perfection by Linda, one of our premiere formulators!
  • Pink Cream

    Designed by Linda

    Phase A

    10g TKB Lipstick base

    8g Castor Oil

    1.4g Carnauba Wax

    0.6g Ozokerite Wax

    Phase B

    10 drops TKB's White Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB's Red #21 Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB's Pigment Yellow Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB's Natural Red Lip Liquid

    2cc scoop (~ 1g) Pearl White Mica

    2cc scoop Cosmic Carolyn Mica

    2cc scoop Cloisonn‚ Red Mica

    0.50g Radiant Gold Mica

    0.60g Artisan Coral Mica

    Phase C

    0.20g Dimethicone

    0.50g Cyclomethicone

    0.30g Glycerin

    A few drops of Vanilla flavour oil

    30 drops Vitamin E


    Melt Phase A in the microwave in short burst, stirring frequently until melted. Mix together Phase B until smooth then add to Phase A; stir until cooled. Add Phase C and Pour into molds.

    Designer Comments:

    These recipes make highly pigmented lipsticks. Is was hard to find the right balance between creamy/soft enough and at the same time not have it break in the mold.



  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I cannot find this product, "Cyclomethicone" does TKB still sell it ? Here is the link to the product this customer is most likely referring to:

    This color is one of the prettiest pinks I have ever come across. I had to predisperse carmine because i can't have the regular carrier oil, but it still came out beautiful. If you like pinks, you have to have this!

    The glycerin is considered a water product, so you will need the proper percentage of preservative in this, for a water in oil formula. Never hurts anyway, since you don't know what someone is going to do to it when they get it. If you don't like the silicones in there you can play with some oils, but the best one, Broccoli Oil, has a strong odor to overcome that I can't seem to shake. It's a nice sub for cones in shampoos and conditioners, but not so much here.

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