Red Oxide, Red Shade
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Flat basic brick red iron oxide. A stable and staple color for all kinds of projects. This is a very intense hue and a little will go a long way.
  • Ingredients: Iron Oxide (77491).

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    This is not the red I was expecting it looks like the red clay that you would find on a construction site,it's best used when you mix it with other colors,on it's own it's an orange red.

    Love this versatile red! Not really meant for use on its own, this is a natural-toned color pick-up when used in tiny amounts to brighten foundation blends.

    It's the base for all my warm toned foundations, along with the usual suspects. It works to make some fantastic red tones, mixed with other colors and mixed with Blue it makes a muddy purple that comes alive when mixed with Hilite's, or other purple micas, giving them a depth and a warmth that cannot be achieved by mica alone. In fact, I rarely use mica without pigment mixes to back it up to make a highly pigmented product that my customers love. Mixing this with Orange Oxide and a white, will give you an interesting peach tone that's far better than either of the colors on their own. It's a staple for my work and my line. I can cool this down, easily with a blue, but I cannot warm the red-blue. It's the most important red in the bunch, to me. It is like clay on it's own, but brick red is a wonderful color. 

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