Reformulated Neon Pink Powder
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Bright pink pigment
  • Ingredients: Basic Violet 11 (45174), Basic Red 1:1 (45161), Resin.
  • This pigment is not permitted for use in cosmetics in the USA per the FDA. It is, however, a wonderful product for use in soap and other crafts. It is not permitted for use in products such as eye shadow, bath bombs, lotions, shampoos, nail polish, etc.


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Questions & Answers

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  • The neon colorants say safe for wash off. Would the neon colors be safe to use in a peel off mask?

    As the table shows, this color is permitted for wash off in the European Union however it is not permitted for use in cosmetics in the USA.  Face masks are considered a cosmetic by the FDA.  Presuming that you are a USA customer, the answer would be that the color is not permitted. 

    Kaila Westerman

  • Hello, How many grams do I have to put in to mix with glycerine? Before I received the product already mixing maintenance that it is that the powder, can you tell me the% to mix in the glycerine to then add to the cold saponification thank you

    It is up to you.  The reason to add the glycerine is to wet the powder and make it easier to mix in with no speckles.  You can add as much or as little as you think accomplishes this for you.

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