12ml Retro Retro Bottle
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Our Retro Bot is a 12ml bottle made from high quality Italian glass and cut into an octagonal shape.  We offer it with a specially made 9-sided shiny black cap.

  • Ingredients: Bottle is glass. Cap is plastic and brush is a lacquered synthetic bristle.
  • Bottle Height: 52mm
    Bottle Length & Width: 25mm x 25mm
    Brush Size: 13/103/44
    Cap Height: 32mm
  • The following reviews are from our old website (to leave a review on this item, please go to the bottom of this page and click the "WRITE A REVIEW" or "BE THE FIRST TO WRITE A REVIEW" grey box). Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         I couldn't figure out why my bottles and caps weren't lining up,and then I realized the base is 8 sided and the tops are 9 sided! Why?!?! I still love the look of the bottle but I will always know they don't match. Lol.

    Very sturdy, cute design also. Someone mentioned an issue with broken bottles upon arrival. I've only had this happen once. I contacted them and they replaced it right away. My only complaint is that the brushes are coated. I understand they need to protect the brushes but maybe there is another way? It works fine when you use it in polish but to use it for cuticle oil, etc. it makes things a bit tricky. Overall I'm very pleased with these though. Best price I've found. Especially for a bottle this size.

        These are really cute!

      These bottles are probably my favorite find on the tkb website. They are gorgeous, heavy and expensive looking. Everything about them is perfection.

        They are perfect for my nail polish needs.

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