80 gr. TKB's Lip Stick Base
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All natural lip stick base for use in your lip balm pots and tubes, as well as in your lipstick containers. 
  • Ingredients: Castor Seed Oil, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Olive Fruit Oil, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycine Soybean Lipds, Lauryl Laurate, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax.



  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     Very nice, but I had to knock two stars off because it isn't vegan. This is hard to deal with, because making my own base isn't going so well (I always end up with lip balm!) and I happen to be semi-vegan. 

     I got this in a sample, you get a lot of product. I created a whole bunch of lipstick colors, and store them in my 5g stackables. The base is moisturizing without any weird smell. Great product!

    I very much liked this base. It went on smooth and felt creamy not waxy at all. It left my lips softened nicely :)

    This is the BEST lipstick base I have come across.  It is creamy, and smooth.  It is so easy to make the BEST lipsticks with this base.  Just melt, add your color(s) and then pour into a pot,lipbalm tube, or lipstick tube.  If you pour it into a pot, then you can just use a lippie brush to apply it.  If you are going to order this, I suggest you also order the liquid colorants.  Then you can create hundreds of different colors...You can even have a lippie making party...That would be so fun..I think I am going to do that soon!

     My first pre made lip base that I bought was all gritty and so soft it could not even work in a lip balm tube. Plus it was totally flat, no shine at all. Then I bought this TKB base and I find it to be excellent, smooth, hard, and creamy. It is also priced at half the cost of most lip bases. Thanks Kaila!

    I got this and some of the liquid dyes plus some apricot oil.  I melted (microwave) this in those little silicone mini muffin liners, added a touch of oil and vitamin E, mixed in some drops of color and some mica and got some great lipgloss.  I poured them in the painterly pans and am loving them so much.  I only ordered a sample size, but I know I will be back for more.  This is an easy fun project that your little girls would love too.  :)  Oh, I also used some of the raspberry flavor oil and some stevia.  

    The ONLY thing I wish for with TKB's lipstick base is a vegan option. I got this to practice with my lipstick mold and it's such a great mixture, I ended up trying to match it with vegan ingredients. It's been a while, and mine's still not as good as theirs. It's just such a high quality time saver, I wish I could use it for everyone. It also makes me glad I'm not vegan!

    This base is great..but gets dry when you use mica powder as your color..so if that is your plan..i would add some type of oil to your cart as well.

    This lipstick base is very creamy, and take the work out of creating a base yourself.  I LOVE this base, and have been making so many great colors!  I highly recommend this base, along with the plastic 4 cavity mold...you can create professional looking lipsticks that feel like expensive lipsticks!

    This is so nice! Thanks Kaila! You Rock girlfriend! I added some Avacado & Grapeseed oils & Vit E ~ I cannot believe the moisturizing effect I get from this! And it really is long lasting! My customers are loving it! I am getting some Lanolin to add to enhance the richness of my colors! Can't wait to play with that formula! I am still loving the new lipstick mold! I will be getting the new & improved metal mold soon! 

    I love ready to use products, and to this one, just add some colorants and you'll have a great lipstick, or some oils for a good lip balm. Easy to melt and mix, but does'nt melt in the sun/pocket...

     I use this with mica, a pigment and sometimes a natural dye. If the mica makes it soft, I add a harder wax in small proportions, usually a paraffin based wax, but if I have a client who does not use petroleum products, I add a hard natural wax in very small amounts until the texture is right. I've made it more sheer, with the addition of shea butter, (refined in this case) and eve deodorized cocoa butter. Vitamin E is a must have and I always add it at 1%. It takes color well and holds it. I've gone from very sheer, with glitter, to matte, with the additives. I am happy enough with this that there is no desisire to make my own lipstick recipes. Just tweak this one till I have what I want.

    As an aside, if you are going to play with it, note take, note take. I use a recorder that listens for my voice to start recording. I don't have to take my gloves off to make notes and if there is any variable at all, it's easy to figure out later if it was a good option. I never remember when I tell myself to.

    I use this with a combination of liquid dye and mica, along with small amounts of other oils, including Vitamin E as Nancy and others mention, and even flavor oils and Stevia to liven things up for friends, special customers, and of course myself!  This base provides such great moisturizing effects, I tend to even use it in lip balm tubes, as I find the balm base not hard enough.  It's also so easy to use and such a good jumping off point for anyone learning or working on their own recipes (who isn't?!)  This is a must have!

    I used this to make some lipsticks! It's wonderful, but I really want TKB to come out with a base that is 100% vegan...I can't gift lippies to my vegan friends =(((

    Really great, moisturizing, long wearing, perfect thickness and professional formula.  Comes out very nice.  Perfect hardness, natural formula, everything is great about this one!  Gonna buy again and again!

     Although this is a great product, I found it to really smell and taste terrible. If anyone has a solution to this problem I'm all ears!

    I love it. I add to it, more than color, but only a little dab of a couple of things  here and there. The one thing I always add is a preservative capable of handling anhydrous products. I know my products are safe, but I don't know about the lips that they are going to grace. I'd rather be safe, than have some idiot get water in it and have it followed by mold. Ugh, shiver. If you do what Christine does, it's fantastic in a slimline liptube. I can't wait for the metal mold. Next month, the 12 at once. I am so tired of four at a time and I would rather have the aluminium. Freezes double quick. 

    I think this base is excellent.  I had no problem with dryness.  Everything came out beautiful even when adding mica.  So far it has been wonderful and my client said it was better than regular lipstick!

     I love this base as a balm but it seems to be too creamy and balmy ass lipstick. How can I get it to be firmer while still having vibrant color??? Btw.... TKB is the best!!!

    This is the absolute best lipstick base out there. I have never had a foul up with it and I found an interesting use for it at our home in Colorado. This stuff ,simply rubbed onto the skin, makes a supreme skin moisturizer . There is no humidity in Ouray and within a day your skin is parched . A tiny dab of this on your dry skin is a panacea. Love it.

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I WAS WONDERING WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT. HOW CAN I GET A MORE MATTE LIPSTICK LOOK WITH VERY BRIGHT COLORS? WHAT TKB PRODUCTS DO I NEED? TKB responds: Try adding some Dimethicone 350 to your lipstick base.  It will make it more matte and more slick.  Also, if you can use the powder directly (e.g., Red 27) and not the powder predispersed in castor oil, you will have a more matte look.  Caster Oil adds sheen.

    besides vitamin E what can I add for more gloss and shine with the mica/pigments??

    I got my order today,so I put some base on my lips and it feels so great!It's creamy does not have a bad odor and my lips feel gooood. Thanks tkb for this awesome base! It can be used alone and if I could I would give it 10 stars!!!

    I'm not sure if it's the product itself or where I live but every time I make a batch, after a day of sitting in the lipstick cases beads of condensation form on the whole lipstick. What can I do to prevent this? I've tried letting the lipstick cure in the mold with and without oil, and also in the freezer and outside the freezer. Otherwise, awesome product. Very creamy and easy to work with and a lot of product for the price.
    Ive made about 5-6 lippies and they are great so rich and creamy and leave my lips moisterized but ive noticed thay when using my lipstick the arent as firm and tend to bend wayy too easily rultung in a broken lipstick. What can I do to make these a bit more firm I cant sell lipsticks that break this easily. :(

    I love this base and my lipsticks turn out great. So creamy and soft but they breakso easily. how can I make them a little more firm without taking away too much of the creaminess??? Any suggestions? ??  TKB Responds: add more wax, just a little.  Beeswax is a good choice.

    I used this base in conjunction with an OCC Lip Tar dupe (a la Koren, Mai, Phyrra et al), to make solid sticks out of an oil-based liquid lipstick. Not only did the whole endeavor work like a charm, the finished products far exceeded any expectations I had. The 12 lipsticks I made turned out creamy, buttery soft, totally opaque, and best of all, they all dry down to a to-die-for velvet finish. Moisturizing AND long-wearing too--I'm sold. Will repurchase again and again! My only gripe is that one of my two sample bottles showed up sans cap--I disinfected and microwaved everything multiple times anyway, so it wasn't really a big deal.  

    I was how can get more vibrant colors? I use this lipstick and liquid lip dyes... TKB Responds, please visit our Knowledge Base for several articles on this.  Long story short:  add more color. Here is the link to the knowledge base: http://supportsystem.livehelpnow.net/?cid=16007

    I love the convenience of this base ! But how can I make it matte ? Will you ever have a matte base ? Mattes are rather popular right now ! Thanks in advance!!  TKB Responds:  Yes, we are working on that this week and next.

     Have you guys created a Matte base yet… If not can you just tell me what I need to mix?

      Hi. Could You tell me how long and in what conditions it could be stored? Thank You for Your answer. E.

    Hi there, first let me say I LOVE this base, but I have tried to make a matte base by adding different silicones, however, I am noticing that after time, my lipsticks get this white film on them, I assume its mold... this is totally embarrassing, what's causing the mold, is it the silicon or perhaps the oil used t lubricate the lipstick mold, please help!!

    I really like this base I add more wax to make sure it will not break in the lipstick mold. It's really good. I would recommend this product. Also if you guys at tkb could recommend a product that would help with lipstick spreadability that would be awesome!! 

      I make homemade lipsticks, but lately my customers have been requesting Matte lipsticks! What ingredients do I use to make Matte lipsticks?

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