Colored Micas (Powders) - Sampler
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An assortment of different colors colored micas.  We can pick for you randomly, or you can give us special instructions (example: only blue colors, colors approved for lips, super glittery vegan nail polish colors).

  • The ingredients are depending on what special instructions you give.
  • We have lots and lots and lots of different colored micas. We typically pack our samples as 6 grams of color in a plastic zip lock bag, labeled with FDA approval information (e.g., "approved for use on lips, eyes, face, or nails"). For more expensive colors (about 20 of our 250 or so total colors), we pack those only as 2.5 grams.

    In our sampler pack, we get to pick the colors but we promise to give you a good assortment. If you have particular needs (example: only colors which are approved for use on the lips; or, no colors which contain Carmine), just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • The following reviews are from our old website (to leave a review on this item, please go to the bottom of this page and click the "WRITE A REVIEW" or "BE THE FIRST TO WRITE A REVIEW" grey box). Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         I ordered a 50 pcs sampler and my requests were pretty specific. Lip&Eye safe. No artificial dyes. My requests were honored and the colors are breath taking. I've been mixing up shadows all week and having so much fun. Gonna start on lippies next! I can't wait to buy more!  Dear TKB, Where have you been all my life? 

     Shipping was even faster than expected and the color assortment was beeeeautiful! Hooked now, and I foresee many orders in the future :D

      Dont get me wrong, i love this website and their micas are amazingly gorgeous, but I didnt specify any restrictions and almost all 10 of the colors I got were pink or red, so I was fairly disappointed cause I had hoped for a wider variety of colors, so I just go through and pick my own colors now.

    I ordered 13 colors and asked for a surprise variety. Really received a gorgeous array of colors, finding the surprise bag really added a special touch to my first order, thank you!

     I loved this sample. Very beautiful colors got just what I asked for. :)

    great choice of colors ,,, i love the ones i got very fast shipping

    I received my sample a couple of weeks ago and I am in love will definately be ordering some more soon....real soon.....

     I love the colours that I received in the 10pack. However just a heads up for anyone that most of the samples are a tablespoon but the expensive colors are only a teaspoon.   I didn't know that at first either! haha but great colours! LOVE THEM!!!

     I am very impressed with the incredibly fast shipping. I ordered on June 24th and received on June 28th. I was so excited when I opened the package. Everything was neatly packed with bubble wrap to ensure that everything is in place. The colors that were chosen for my 10 color sampler are all so beautiful. They all fit my taste in colors and I cannot wait to try playing with them. Fantastic! 

      I have ordered this a few times with a couple minimal requests- they were always granted. :) Every time and I mean every time- I would mention what I was going to use them in and I got the best colors. Love them all every time! It's also an awesome surprise- kind of like Christmas all year round.

    I have gone on to purchase full sizes of every color I have ever gotten. I have over 150 TKB colors and growing. Love them all for my soap, lippies, lotions, shadows, blushes, etc...

    This is the best color company ever!! Always professional and quick to respond to even the most stupid of questions.

    Thanks to everyone at TKB- it's truly a pleasure to be a customer. :)

     I received what I asked for and more. I asked for fall colors and I received that and more.  The shipping was so fast.  And the colors are so opulent.  I already ordered another batch and their MYmix pressing.  I am excited to be another satisfied customer of :)

     I ordered the 10 pack sampler and asked for lip friendly micas, that's just what I got! Thanks for selling great products. Our lipsticks are turning out beautiful! They also have super fast shipping! Thanks TKB!!!

     I have ordered several times from TKB and have always been pleasantly surprised!!! I would recommend this company and their micas to any and everyone-beautiful colors and long lasting wear!!! Thanks TKB-also fast shipping!!! Love TKB colors!!!

     I´ve ordered those samplers (30 colours each time) three times so far. Every time I got what I asked for: stable in high ph or eye/lip approved. I just love Kaila´s Micas and although I am from Austria / Europe I do not mind cUstOms and additional import fees. The colours are just unique.

     just got my order today it took 6 days from ordering online to delivery in ireland  and thats with xmas eve and xmas day included !! colors are so cool love every 1 of them, im going to have so much fun!!! iv all ready ordered more!!!!

     I asked for Only ones approved on the eyes, I got just that. The colors are so vivid and beautiful When I first ordered it, I worried I would not like the colors, but they are awesome! I am now ordering 50 colors, I can't wait to see what they are. Thanks TKB!

     asked for bright colours and a blackstar and got exactly what I wanted! :) going to be ordering fall colours soon. I 

     I look through all of the micas all the time trying to decide what I want. Then I said, "You know what? I think I want to be surprised." So I decided to let TKB do the picking for me! I asked for colors approved for eyes and no matte and that was just what I got!! Great variety and was very pleasantly surprised!! I will definitely be doing this again. TKB ROCKS!!

     I ordered 30 samples, mainly blues, purples, and greens, and an orange. They sent a wonderful selection, plus a few surprise colors.

     I ordered 50 colors and received the best colors! I was afraid I might get colors I was not very interested in but they really give you such a wide variety! I probably wouldn't have looked twice at a couple of these colors on the website because they didn't relate to my style and upon receiving them I ended up loving ones I thought I wouldn't! What a great company to deal with as well! SO happy I found TKB!

     The colors I received are beautiful. This is a great idea for anyone like me who has trouble deciding which colors to try (because I want them all!).

     love the colors they have and also the way they pack them and I had to order more because is adiccting happy I FOUND YOU GUYS

     ohhhhhhhhh my WOW, folks.

    when I say I received EXACTLY what I asked for?!?!?!

    these micas are AWESOME!!!

    the colors AND the quality!!!

    and I had NO idea one tablespoon waa THAT much lol.

    I encourage you all to look at the full list of micas and pick your own colors cuz u WILL get them!

    Kaila thank you SO much.

     I asked them to surprise me, and no duplicates. This was my first order from TKB. They sent me a WIDE range of colors, all different and smily amazing. --- After that experience, I purchased another of this, and much more. TKB is my go to Eyeshadow company from here on out. Their assortment, variations, and sheer possiblities are just amazing. Thank you! Pleaase keep up the AWESOME work TKB. You're the best!

     such a great selection I asked for colors with good coverage that I didn't already have in my cart and I got so many beautiful ones I couldn't tell which ones I picked out myself when I got my shipment!

     Got my order today and I love the colors you picked!  I can't wait to start playing with all these awesome colors!!

     Even better than the first. The colours you pick are amazing. I can't wait to start playing with them. Thanks!

     I ordered an oz of a beautiful color only to find it disappears in cp soap. I ordered this and ...just WOW! Not only did they send me all cp safe colors...but they were gorgeous. The colors I liked from the samples I ordered the full size! The one color I didn't like....not stuck with.

    Now...aside from the try it you'll like it attitude....the packs themselves...nice amount...and not a lot needed. I did many batches with the first one....and now about to get another one. I've made a habit of including one in every order I make...both to test new colors and have color options. Try WILL love it!  TKB responds:  I saw your note and got a little worried you'd be back for a third or forth dip and I'd not remember what I had sent you earlier.  I think I have you OK on this second time around, but if you order "CP SAFE" only colors again, be sure to tell me you are back for thirds.  Anyway, glad you liked them!

     After spending hours of trying to decide what to get, I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers, said a prayer, and went with this sampler. All I requested was no matte'. I got the most beautiful assortment of colors! It seemed like they knew exactly what I wanted. Been trying to wean myself from my makeup addiction, and may have been successful if I hadn't ordered these. I think I am beyond help at this point. I'm like a kid in the candy store here, and it's not fattening! Perfect! Many thank yous to whoever picked my sampler colors!  TKB Responds:  hee hee <rubs hands together>

     This is my second order in a week lol. I know I will not be disappointed!

     I had been waiting to order from TKB for a long time and originally I was selecting specific colors but then I remembered that the sample option was available and I cannot be more happy with what I got!  Thank you guys so much!


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