Scorpio the Eighth
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Interesting bluish red.

  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77499), Iron Oxide (77492), Iron Oxide (77491), Tin Oxide (778161).

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    Let me say I ordered this color based on the picture and the reviews and when I received it I was like "What is this orange color they sent" based on what it looked like packaged. I decided to try it as a lippie and let me tell you..... THIS COLOR IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Could not believe the results. I am a dark skinned diva that is extremely particular about the colors I wear and don't follow the latest fad but what looks sexy and classy without being over the top and this color matches all my requirements. The gloss is beautiful I created tonight and I plan to use it permanently in my small color pallet of that I consider acceptable for me. Not sure how I will like it as a shadow but am completely pleased just for my lips. Great Job TKB.... Never discontinue please!

    Great job with this color TKB!!! It looks great...I love this color...there are so many possibilities with this color.  You guys did a great job at making a great shade mica! Well worth it!

    love  this   so    versatile    can  be used   so many ways    A  must  have  !  like it  better  than  the former   this one  is richer

    If you take this color, and put it over a black background, the color changes...It is so pretty.  This is my new look! I apply a black eyeliner to my entire lid, then I just pat this color on over it...It turns into a beautiful bluish color..with hints of gold and pinkish colors it looks like. This is my new fave! GREAT job TKB!

    Long before I found TKB, I was buying make up from another website and they sent a free sample of this color. I tried it and I absolutely fell in love. Before I had a chance to buy some though it was discontinued and I couldn't get any more than just my little sample. Just by chance I ordered some of this on my first order and I was so disappointed by the color in the bag. It was way orange and just not what I pictured. Than I opened it and smeared it on my skin and imagine my surprise when it went on that same color as the one I loved so long ago. I was so happy with it. This is one of my very most favorite colors that I have ever bought. It's so beautiful.

    I didn't think anyone could capture the complexity of Black Cherry but this is as close as one can come. Great job! It's a beautiful and layered color like the original.

    While this looks quite different in the package, when you work with it, it's very similar to the original Black Cherry. Impressive, since Black Cherry was extremely unique. Scorpio is a smidge oranger, the iridescence is a teeny bit different, and it's a little bit more opaque, but really really darn close. As a bonus Scorpio lasts way, way, way better on skin than Black Cherry ever did, so it's actually a bit of an improvement in fact. Thanks so much for duplicating Black Cherry so well!

    Scorpio the 8th, is a light  pale brick color that has shimmery undertones of violet, gold and pink.  It has a medium to low sheen.  I'm wearing it in my crease over a dark cut crease base color of black. Scorpio the 8th creates a new look, whenever I change angles,  because it changes colors.  It should be a planetary color, but since it's not, I'm taking advantage and buying more.  It is worth more than what TKBtrading is selling it for.

    I have an eye for color and exact color match. I'm ordering this,  and I'm going to recreate Black Cherry. Once I'm finished with my little project, I'll let you know how I got Black Cherry. :)  TKB Responds:  Challenge Accepted!

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