Shrink Band- 50mm x 22mm
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Appropriate for our 3 gram jars and 5 gram jars.

    • Ingredients: Plastic.

      Including a shrink wrap seal around your finished product gives it a more professional appearance. Additionally, it keeps the product safe from turning into yet another "tester".

      Our shrink wrap comes with a perforated seam to make it easy for your customer to remove.

    • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

           These are the perfect fit for the 5 gram size jars and are so easy to use. They make your products look so professional and finished.

           These 5gr bands are just the perfect fit.  Others have been slightly wider, making it harder to shrink evenly (not to mention that it takes longer to shrink).  These slip over jars snugly and shrink perfectly :)

           These shrink bands are so easy to use! I only had to practice a few times before getting it right. As another user said, these give your product a very professional and finished look...they're inexpensive and also give the appearance of a clean product.

           These are great for my eyeshadow jars! They are easy to use and fit very well. I like to write a thank you on them and my company name, it adds a little extra personal touch. Use a sharpie to add an extra touch to your product!

        These are great, but I highly recommend using a heat gun instead of a blow dryer (you can find them at home depot)

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