Sparkle Rose
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This is a mid-depth, purplish pink which would almost be subdued and chic if it were not for the intensity of sparkle and the flecks of gold which jump up and shout "Hey Baby" everytime we pack it up.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77491), Carmine (75470).

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         I got this because one of the reviews said it was a dread ringer for the NARS Orgasm blush - and while that might not have proven true exactly, I like this much more. The pink is just a tiny, tiny bit pinker (which is to say it's less orange), but the real difference is that where Orgasm shimmers, this one sparkles *gorgeously.* It's one of those colors that could get me killed in traffic because I can't stop watching the glitter on my own face. I love it. 

    This color is a close imitation to a sheer blush I had many years ago.  I love the gentle flecks of gold.  To make a sheer color wash I mixed it with sericite and magnesium myristate.  Very pretty.

       I am in love with this color. It is a rose color with a ton of gold shimmer - the gold almost over powers the rose aspect of the color. Almost but not quite. I think this color would work well as a blush as long as another matte or low shimmer pink or plum is added to the color. I think it is too sparkly to be worn alone. This also works extremely well as a lip color. Gorgeous!

       I actually got this as a sample, and I must say I love it. It has a huge amount of gold sparks in it so be careful opening it! I think I will attempt a cool lip gloss with it, very luscious!

       When I first got this, it looked so familiar. I held it up to my Orgasm Blush and it's a dead ringer! Anyone trying to dupe that famous blush could definitely use a bit of this! Not too much though as it has a ton of gold sparkle.

     I usually buy samples.  This is the first color I bought by the ounce.  It is my signature lip color. 

       This is one of my favorite pinks,I love any color with hints of gold.

       I    love  this    sooooooooo   pretty   rich  rose  with  gold  hints . Another  got to have !

        This has become one of my favorite colors to work with. Needless to say it ended up on some of my hubby's uniforms and he was teased endlessly about "fairy dust". He didn't mind though. He was glad the color brought me so much happiness . I am a color person. I love and live for color and this one just caught my eye.

       This makes a gorgeous nail polish on its own and mixed with more pink. This is a very versatile shade.

      I bought this without realising it contained carmine. (I'm vegan.) But I restrained my disapproval and used it to make a lipstick for someone who isn't vegan. I got what amounts to high praise from her!

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Sparkle Rose has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 14 reviews.

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