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The collection includes: Aqua Sparks!,Copper Sparks!,Green Sparks!, Red Sparks!, Purple Sparks!, Gold Sparks!, Blue Sparks!, and Noble Silver Sparks!

  • Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (77891), Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate (65997), Silicon Dioxide (77811), Tin Oxide (778161).
  • Sparks! are a dramatic, natural, glitter for use in body glitters, eye shadows and nail laquers. Sparks! are very transparent and reflective, similar to glitter. However, glitter is typically made from metal or plastic. Our Sparks! are made from a thin, smooth and uniform mineral platelet of Calcium-Aluminum-Borosilicate. This means they are: a) mineral based, and b) softer to the touch.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    Great to add a little extra to your shadows, but they are so lightweight that they fly out of the jar when mixing. Lovely nonetheless.

    I have the whole collection and have recommended to other creators. The beauty of each sparks is breath taking. Added to any color, the sparks will create something of true beauty...and once you have tried them it will be hard not to use them again and again. So take the plunge and check them out.

    I find myself using these ALOT to give a little extra something to my colors. They are very intense, so be careful not to add too much. Much better to work with than glitter. Glitter seems to settle and not meld with the mica well. These are much more lightweight, and pop out of the mica.

    When I first saw the sparks... I was like, uh oh... these are WAY to sparkly... BUT THEN I TRIED THEM IN MY FORMULATIONS... All I can say is you can turn any boring eyeshadow into something so amazing with these sparks. I made a really awesome Halloween color. Black Mica + Copper Sparks. I'm in love. Definitely a necessity for a girly or glitzy gal!

    if    you  like  sparkle    then  these  are   for   you  i use  them  in     everything    from makeup  to   acrylic   powders  to  top   coats  to  lotions   They  rock!!!

    I've used these sparks to liven up some nail polishes. All I can say is WOW!! So gorgeous! I'm back for more!!

    I love the entire sparks collection! They are great to mix in with shadows and they look fabulous on their own. They're great to use as a sparkle eye liner. I always love glitter but hate it when it looks like I'm using overglorified craft sparkles. These look very elegant, not cheap, and I highly recommend them.

    My only regret was that I got the sample size. Incredible!

    These are very similar to MAC 'reflects' series pigments,the only difference I see is that 'Sparks!' particles seem tiny bit smaller. I think I have 4 or 5 of MAC ones and with that money I could've bought the whole set of this Sparks line each 1 ounce(!!!) and still have some extra money.

    These are, without a doubt, the best glitters for pigments. I use them as glitters in my shadows and they never fail to make my customers keep coming back for more. When doing custom colors, these are always the ones the customers prefer in their colors. :)

    the best!

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Sparks! Collection has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 14 reviews.

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