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For those new to the product, TKB Matte Texture base is a texturizing blend of powders which purpose is to improve the slip and adhesion of your mica and oxide powders.

Basically, you add about 1 part Texture Base to 2 parts Mica or Pigment powder and blend.  Ta Da!  You now have eye shadow.  See our Video in the FAQ section.
  • Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (77891), Mica (77019), Magnesium Stearate.
  • Here is an ancient video we made all the way back in 2007.  Sorry that it looks like we work in a dungeon.  We don't.  It was 2007!  What can we say?

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     This is great with micas, but terrible with pigments. If you want pale matte colors using pigments this will work, but not for any sort of vibrant color. Too dusty, no matter how well you blend!

    I like the TKB Matte texture base for when I want to formulate a color quickly, however, I do find that formulating my own base powders is more rewarding and I think my end product comes out better because I can adjust the base powders to make my end product exactly how I want it. This would definitely be a great product for beginners though, especially if you just want to come up with some colors quickly.

     This is a matte texture base. It seemed like it didn’t matter what I added anything but a lake color wouldn’t hold. Glitters would fluff out and micas wouldn’t show at all because this base is matte. I would hear were people would tell you they could still use it and it would show but it will not. Also you have to use so much for it to work that you cant get true bright strong colors, if that’s what your looking to have. Other then that if your wanting to have really pale matte colors go for this. It will do fine if you want really pale matte colors. Again I say .. don’t use glitters in your shadows with this or micas.  ((TIP)) If your wanting to use glitters or mica use a cream eye shadow so you have a tacky surface and then blot it on top of that. I will say that works well don’t like that you pay for end up on the table your working at or the floor because it will just fall off your eyes is you use this matte texture base. (((I will be glad when TKB comes out with a cream shadow base. That would be wonderful even as a base for eye lid prep.)))  TKB Responds:  Thanks for the detailed review and request for a cream shadow base!  We're working on it!

     I love the idea: ALL BLENDED I love the idea, that everything is blended. Personally I use this, and add some Allantonin as well, which is a "great helper" for the skin. Please be aware, that this will impact on the colour. This is not good for DARK EYESHADOW colors. This will make them lighter because of the titanium dioxide. But for all other colors, this is great. Great for beginners, but if you really want to make your own personal kind of make up blend, you have to experiment a lot to find YOUR way of making colors. Remember to use the right amount.

     This is the best base I have used thus far.  I use this in all of my eyeshadow formulas. I think this is the best choice over the Extended White one, because it has the added Magnesium Stearate already in it, which adds to the adhesion properties.  I don't know what I would do without this base! I use it for ALL of my eyeshadows, even shimmery ones.  It is not just for Matte eyeshadows.  If you want more shine, I always add a little sericite in with my base and mica.  This is a MUST have! You won't be disappointed!Believe me, just buy it and see for yourself!

     If your trying to make lots of colors fast or you just don't know where to start with a basic base formula this product is a great timesaver and has a great price point. 

     Way to go TKB! This is a high quality base, easy to use and very blendable. I not only use it for my mattes, but in my shimmers also... I just add a bit of my favorite shimmery mica to make it more shimmery. You won't go wrong with this great product!

     As a newbie in the world of do-it-yourself minerals, this was a wonderful base for those of us who are unfamiliar with the terms or products used in formulating cosmetics. I have read (over and over) the descriptions of all the base products on this website. For me, this was the easiest all in one product for starters. After I get my big toe wet with mineral formulating, maybe in can venture into tweaking adding to, and personalizing this product. The customer reviews were a big help, also!

     There really is no reason to formulate your own base if you are just making some shadows for yourself and it's easily customizable too!

     I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. It's great alone and can be made even better with a few more additives. If you are going to be making eye shadows be sure to purchase this!

     it gives a great texture to finished shadows without having to mix a millions things into the formula, gives good adhesion as well to micas that need some help!

     I have no problem with this base with dark, or light eyeshadow colors.  Depending on how much base you put in will depend on how much it lightens it.  But you need this base for your eyeshadows to adhere properly, and be more of an eyeshadow.  My simple formula is, if I have a light colored mica I am mixing it with I always put in 2base, to 3 mica...If the eyeshadow is going to be darker, and I have a dark mica blend I have made, or am going to use, I always put 1 base to 3 mica.  In cases where I have accidentally lightened the color too much, I just  add in another scoop of mica.  Some colors need 1 base to 4 mica.  But I haven't come across that many,(there actually isn't that many, but there is some) and I have well over 300 eyeshadows I have made.  All using this base.  I could NOT live without this base.  I have extender white right now, and I have been using this, and it is working the same.  Some mica's, mainly the lighter ones, don't have as much staying power as with the TKB base.  But all I did was add in some Magnesium sterate myself..and sometimes I use magnesium myristate too.  I love this base, and I hope you always carry it, I would be lost with out it...One thing...The extender white is GREAT for all of the Pop colors....I have had so much success with that base, but I stil love my TKB base...

     This really helps the colors mix. :) Just remember to use only a SMALL amount if you still want darker, more vibrant colors, as the slightly white tone of this texture base can lighten the finished product.

     This is my go-to base when I formulate eye shadows,blush and foundations,it mixes so well and gives them a nice creamy texture. Remember to only use a small amount and to grind well otherwise it will lighten colors too much.

     This is so essential if your a newbie such as me! It has great adhesion and very littile color lightning so your still good! Dont waste your time coming up with your own base, just use this I promise it will save you time!!

     i used the base and had no problems with the powders before, but i used it in my yellow, because the yellow seems to turn almost orange without it, but its great.

     I love this just as much as the older base! I think tkb should offer both! I found that this is smoother and has a lighter fluffier feel to it! TkB Please make this and the older base avaliable at all times :)

     I'm really liking how light this new matte base is; makes oxides lighter in texture. 

     This is a must for eye shadows and eye shadow primers . Great product.

     I just started making eye shadows today, and I started out with this base- it makes it sooo easy! There's no guesswork! I will certainly be ordering more when I run out!

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