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Sample of four different oils.
  • Silicones are intregral to high-end cosmetic formulating. They are used in all kinds of products: hair, skin, personal lubricants. Silicones can make the bulk of a formula (as in a hair "shine spray" or be a small addition to one (as in a lotion looking for improved spreadability).
  • Silicon Gel. Thick, jelly-like, clear and odorless. Rubs into the skin in a non sticky fashion, leaving behind a dry after feel with a matte finish.

    • Viscosity: not available
    • Flash Point: relatively low flash point of 76C (169F), making it a semi-hazardous product. Keep away from flames and sparks.
    • INCI: Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer

    Dimethicone 350 (f.k.a Silicon Liquid - Dimethicone). This is a medium viscosity dimethicone.

    • Viscosity: 350
    • Flash Point: 157C (315F)
    • INCI: Dimethicone

    Dimethicone 100. This would also be considered a medium viscosity dimethicone. But because it is thinner than our Dimethicone 350, it is more appropriate for a hair spray or formulary where you need a lighter weight oil.

    • Viscosity: 100
    • Flash Point: 149C (300F)
    • INCI: Dimethicone

    Cyclopentasiloxane. This product is considered a "volatile fluid" in that it will disappear into thin air if you leave it uncovered (just like alcohol). Very lightweight!

    • Viscosity: 4
    • Flash Point: relatively low flash point of 77C (169F), making it a semi-hazardous product to handle. Keep away from flames and sparks.
    • INCI: Cyclopentasiloxane 
  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     LOVE this product!  I mix my pigments and shadows the old fashioned way (using a stainless steel mortar and pestle and stirring/grinding everything by hand)... I find that this method gives me a lot more control over the consistency, color and finish of my end product.  The addition of Silicone Gel has made my loose powders more beautiful, adhere better, foil more nicely and have a very high quality overall. WARNING:  This product will cause your acrylic jars to crack/weaken!  I had one shatter in my hand, today, when opening it.  I used 1/8 tsp silicone gel to 1/4 cup of dry loose product.

     Can this be used in lipsticks to make them last longer? If so, which one do I need to get?TKB Responds:  They are used to improve the slip going on, and give some water resistance, however their primary use is not to make the color last longer.

     Could this be added to a foundation to give it a cream to powder texture? I guess either by using the silicone gel or Dimethicone 350?

    Can this be used to make lipstick appear matte?

    I have been really pleased with the results of adding dimethicone to my powder foundations. I had been looking for something to make the powder less fly away and give it a creamy feel since myself and a lot of my customers have dry skin. I was unsure of how it would mix with the powder but it was very simple. I add a few drops to my finished foundation in the blender and mix for a few minutes and it incorporates perfectly. I have also found it helpful in formulating many other products as well, such as cream blush, concealer, etc. Also, the price is fantastic!!

    Everyone seems to love to use jojoba oil when they press their powders,but for me it doesn't mix with the powder as well as the other oils I've used,but I love this for pressing.

    I am in love with this stuff!  I use it, along with other ingredinets, to make a primer for MMU.  It is fabulous feeling, and really makes the primer much better.  I highly recommend this gel....You can also try it "straight" on your face, and use it as a primer..I did, and it worked just as well as my mixed primer!

    And each has a place on my shelf. I use them for more things than I thought I would, not just making cosmetics. My son has hair like a bush, not kidding here. I smooth it down with a little Dimethicone 100, a teensy bit, drop, rubbed well into my hands and rubbed well into his hair. Calms and flattens. Wonderful selection.

    It's a very light silicon fluid that can be used in your pigments and pressed eyeshadows. It brightens your shades and helps keep the color true when applied. I prefer to add just a little while I'm mixing pigments to reduce friction from the mixer. I do strongly suggest that if you are using them in loose pigments, using sparingly, this product can cause weaking and cracking to some jars, if too much is used.

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