Jars: Triple Dip 20 Gram Jars
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If you have purchased these in the past, please note that we now package with the bottom base being "flat bottomed". See description below.

  • You are purchasing a complete set of our 20 gram stackable jars with clear lid.

    Each set includes: Three bases (one base with a flat bottom and two bases with screw top bottoms for stacking).Three inserts of your choice (rotating sifter, tin pan or sifter with seal) and one lid.

    The sifters are great for loose powders, the tins are good for pressed powders, lipsticks and creams.

  • The jars sold by TKB Trading, LLC are made from Polystyrene (PS). It tolerates temperatures from 40 - 200 F and has a high impact resistance, rigidity, and clarity. It is a recyclable material with the plastic number of "6". We cannot guarantee that any container will function properly with your particular product. It is the customer's responsibility to do any testing or product compatibility. TKB Trading, LLC does not guarantee that any container will function with your particular product, please test your products with each container before filling large runs!

    All Jars are described as being "5 gram" or "30 gram" or so-forth, but this is an industry description and is based on the amount of PACKED and POURED material which will fit into the container (for example, a cream foundation). Many of our customers are containerizing loose powder. The jars will hold significantly less loose powder by weight.

    Loose powders vary in weight (oxides for example are much heavier than micas), the following information is approximate only and based on a measure of Black Mica which is a mica of medium weight.

    Measurements are also approximate.

    Jar Type: SIFTER Dimensions/Measurements:
    5 Gram Round Sifter with seal (Yellow Tab): 31mm
    10 Gram Round Sifter with seal (Yellow Tab): 31mm
    10 Gram Square ROTATING sifter: 38mm
    20 Gram Round Sifter with seal (Yellow Tab): 50mm
    30 Gram Round Sifter with seal (Yellow Tab): 50mm

    Jar Type Dimensions (USA) Dimensions (Metric) Holds Grams
    (Loose Powder)
    5 Gram Round 1.25" Diameter; 5/8" tall 30 mm Diameter x 15 mm tall 1.5
    5 Gram Square 1.25" Square; 5/8" tall 30 mm Square x 15 mm tall 1.5
    10 Gram Round 1.5" Diameter; 6/8" tall 37 mm Diameter x 19 mm tall 3.0
    15 Gram Square 1.5" Square; 1" tall 37 mm Diameter x 26 mm tall 4.5
    20 Gram Round 2" Diameter; 3/4" tall 50 mm Diameter x 19 mm tall 6.0
    25 Gram Round 2.75" Diameter; 5/8" tall 70 mm Diameter x 15 mm tall 7.5
    30 Gram Round 2" Diameter; 1" tall 50 mm Diameter x 25 mm tall 9.0
  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I like to stay organized and having this stackable set helps! I have my face powder, foundation, and blush all in one handy unit! I also like the option that if I decide to press my makeup, I can get the tin inserts. This set is also easy to manipulate and doesn't "catch" when trying to screw on/off.

    These are nice jars for creamy stuff or small amounts of powders. However, if you fill the jar up too much, it is WAY too easy to get powder stuck in the grooves, causing a bit of a mess and losing product. Also, I REALLY wish TKB made jars that can fit a full tablespoon, since they sell most of their samples in tablespoons and I prefer to take them out of the bags. Other than that, they are VERY sturdy, and I love that they're stackable!

    I purchased this at the same time as my ingredients for my foundation, concealer, setting powder, and it fits great in my purse or travel bag for touch ups. I think I will buy the smaller size for blush and eyeshadow.

    me encantan, cada vez q compro micas los compro y asi los guardo en sus pequenos envases individuales es mas limpio y se ve mas profecional :D

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