Versagel ME 750
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Sticky base for Sticky lip gloss and various oil, lotion and gel formulations. This is a vegan product.

The 4 ounce bag comes with a spout, making it easy to work with.  The 2-lb bag is a standard gusseted zip lock bag.
  • Ingredients: Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (and) Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer (and) Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer.
  • Versagel can be messy to work with, so we suggest you squeeze or spoon it into a zip lock bag, into which you add your ingredients such as colors (call it your "mixing bag"). Zip shut, smush together all the ingredients. When you are done, snip a bottom corner of the bag (just like a pasty chef squeezes icing onto a cake) and squeeze into the final container. Basically, the less you handle it the better!

    Koren Zander of Enkore Makeup has posted an excellent tutorial on how to work with Versagel. If you have any fears about this product, please click here:

    Tips from our customers:

    • You can use Versagel by itself (just add color and perhaps some flavor) but it is hard to get into a wand container, so you may prefer to put it in a pot.
    • You can add Versagel to your other waxes and oils, the best way to do this is to melt the the waxes and oils in one container and the Versagel in another, at the same time. When then are both in a melted condition, with similar temperatures, stir them together. Otherwise, if you try to melt them together in the same container you will get congealed bits and separation.
    • IIt is best to heat your mixture slowly to around 160 degrees with gentle stirring to get rid of bubbles. Then remove it from heat and let it cool to about 100 degrees, then add colorant and flavor. It fills tubes easier when it is warm.
    • Cleanup first with a paper towel and then use Dawn dish detergent to cut the stickiness down. Then finish up with 409.
    • Consider using disposible utensils when working with Versagel.
    • Versagel is wonderful in both lip glosses and lipsticks.
    • Store your Versagel in a squeeze bottle with a turret cap.
    • Van suggests you let the containers you use sit overnight and then wipe them the next day with alcohol for easier cleanup.
    • I used a Turkey Baseter to fill gloss bottles (writes Susanne). I could draw 25 ml in one go without the tip attached and then attached the tip to dispense the gloss into the tubes.

    TKB Staff methods working with Versagel:

    a. Mixing Versagel with Castor Oil

    1. Heat 4-gram of Versagel in the microwave for about 5-7 minutes. Then leave it inside for cooling for about 20 seconds.
    2. Without taking out the Versagel container in the microwave put 2-gram Castor Oil which was in another container inside. Heat both containers together for about 30-40 seconds. The key is to have Castor Oil warm, not hot or very/boiling hot. Lightly touch the Castor Oil container to test the temperature. If it's quite warm or just a bit hot, you'll know the oil inside is warm.
    3. Take both containers out of the microwave. Firstly, stir the Versagel quickly for about 5 seconds. And then poured Castor Oil in the Versagel. Do not pour all Castor Oil in the Versagel bowl at once, for it will create lumps. Instead, pour a bit of it in Versagel container; stir the mixture well and quickly. Then pour again another bit of oil; stir the mixture well and quickly. Keep repeating the step until all Castor Oil is mixed with Versagel.

    b. Mixing Versagel with Lipstick Bases

    Do the same step 1-3 as mixing Versagel with Castor Oil. Step 2, however, you need to make sure the lipstick bases are warmly melted. Not hot or very/boiling hot!!!!

    c. Cleaning

    1. The mixture inside your container will be solidified by the time you'd like to clean it. If not, wait for it to solidify.

    2. Use a scraper or spatula to scrape off the mixture inside the container until nothing is left.

    3. Spray a bit of alcohol inside the container to clean it. Wipe it with paper towel.

    4. Wipe the scraper/spatula with paper towel. Then spray a bit of alcohol on it and clean it again with paper towel.

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Questions & Answers

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  • How many lip glosses can be made from the 4 Oz size?

    It depends on the size of your container of course, but a typical lip gloss tube is 5 - 10ml and 4 ounces is approximately 80ml, so you would be able to make between 8 - 16.

  • Does this need an added preservative? Or can you just add pigment and it's good to go?

    It is not absolutely required, no.  It is quite stable.  Having said that, anytime you make a cosmetic for resale you should add a preservative.  You can't control the environment or use of the product and it is for the best to preserve.  For the Versagel, I'd recommend our Cap-2.

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