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A Virgo (born August 23- September 22) is truthful, hardworking, knowledge-seeking, down-to-earth, quite serious yet playful at times. Virgo obtains the shade of intense metallic beige-bronze with hints of silver sparkle.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Bronze Powder (77400), Iron Oxide (77491), Aluminum Powder (77000), Silicon Dioxide.


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    Virgo ended up in my eyeliner recipe by a fluke... I'm glad I didn't toss out the whole batch but gave it a try - it looks sensational! Try this color combo: Virgo, Bronze Fine, Swiss Chocolate, and Brown Oxide, mixed with your regular eyeliner base, and the result is sure to flatter any eye color! 

    This is such a nice brown. It's got a beautiful sheen to it and looks good by itself or mixed with other colors. Very glamorous!

    I played around with this color and have to add that in the bag it looks like a pretty sparkling beige color, but on the eyes, it's pure liquid beige metal. This color packs an intense punch when applied! A very original beige that reminds me of the Crucible colors.

    This is such a pretty color for those who like beige brown.


    I really love this color ! Magnifique !

    I find this to be a real standout among it's class.  Very noticeable and classy.  When I wear this I get compliments.  A must have.

       It's nice to have a colour with a silver sheen instead of the typical gold. Not sure the higher price is justified though

      While this is a very pretty brown with a nice sheen to it, I don't think this color is really all that special, especially when compared to some of TKB's other neutral shades. It reminds me a lot of Oriental Beige, but lighter and with more of a sheen. I dunno, I guess I was expecting more from a more-expensive zodiac color.

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Virgo has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 13 reviews.

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