Yellow Oxide
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Yellow Oxide is the backbone of any foundation recipe. We offer two hues of yellow oxide: Harvest Yellow Oxide and Yellow Oxide.
  • Ingredients:  Iron Oxide (77492).

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    A must have for creating foundations -- for light-medium colors this will be the majority of the color in your foundation.  Order at least one ounce !!

     I use this in my foundation base formula, its more of a mustard-yellow, not YELLOW. I got the 4oz pack, it was HUGE! You really get a lot of pigment for a great price.

    This goes into all my foundations for light-medium complexions and darker tones that need to be, "cooled." I'm certainly no base expert, but I'd be lost without this. I never, ever thought I'd use it. I now buy it in five pound sack. I mean EVERY light-medium foundation and much of it for the mid-range tones I've made. 

    When I got Yellow Oxide I saw it and foolishly turned my nose up at it and thought I would never use it . Was I wrong . I have tinkered with foundation , concealers and powders for almost 2 years and could not make a natural looking product and especially one that covered the Butterfly Rash on my face from Lupus-Scleroderma . Everything looked fake and bake orange-brown , I am extremely pale, and I looked like a cheap mess. But when I read the reviews I put the Yellow Oxide in (and left other things out) and came out with an amazing concealer that covers the rash and evens out my skin tone. This color is amazing. I just wish I had gotten more TKB Responds:  Yellow oxide is the primarily color is foundations and concealers for fair skin and also medium skin with a yellow undertone.

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