Zinc Stearate
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Now available, natural and essential raw material for making your own pressed powders!
  • Ingredients: Zinc Stearate.
  • Try this as a starting experiment: Take 1.8 grams of your favorite premade cosmetic, add 0.2 grams of zinc stearate (this is 10%), put it in a 3x4 zip lock bag. Zip and rub together between your hands. Squeeze in 6 drops of jojoba oil, zip shut and rub some more. Run through sieve and press into the small round 26 mm pan in three layers. Videos, photos and more specifics to follow, but this will get you started.


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Questions & Answers

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  • I am trying to make pressed powder highlighter using peal basics, titanic gold, and up the hill. I use 97% alcohol to mix, let dry then press. I have used up to 30% zinc esterate and it crubles very easily. any tips for better hold? it only happens to high ligher. when I use it on blush its ok.

    I'd have to have a conversation with you to help you trouble shoot in any specific way.  My first question would be what ingredients you are using to make the blush.  That way we can see why one is working for you and not the other. 

    Also, if you watch our pressing video, you will see that we use a slow drying oil in addition to the binding powder (zinc sterate).  We feel that a pressed powder needs BOTH a binding powder and a slow drying oil to keep things compacted but no so compact that there is no color payout or the cake is brittle.  It seems a lot of people only use Alcohol, which dries off quickly and tends to make the cake brittle.

    We have a little video showing our process at our Kit page, here: https://howtomakecosmetics.com/collections/makeup-kits-1/products/press-your-own-makeup-beginner-kit

    aila Westerman

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