Zinc Stearate
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Now available, natural and essential raw material for making your own pressed powders!
  • Ingredients: Zinc Stearate.
  • Try this as a starting experiment: Take 1.8 grams of your favorite premade cosmetic, add 0.2 grams of zinc stearate (this is 10%), put it in a 3x4 zip lock bag. Zip and rub together between your hands. Squeeze in 6 drops of jojoba oil, zip shut and rub some more. Run through sieve and press into the small round 26 mm pan in three layers. Videos, photos and more specifics to follow, but this will get you started.


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         I started with the 10% zinc stearate and tweaked it from there!  I tried the baggie method, but I had a difficult time really mushing it together and then removing the powder from the baggie.  I am baggie-challenged I guess :-(.  However, I tried using a small mixing bowl and a craft stick and had much more luck!  I was able to "cut" the oil into the powder (like butter into flour) and create a crumbly (think coffee cake topping) mixture to pour into the tin pan alley pan! Voila! Success! A little goes a long way with this- but a must have if you want to press!

         When I make a new color I always make approximately 5-10 grams then I'll add a small amount about 15% of Zinc Stearate grind it add a few drops of either Dimethicone or Fractionated Coconut Oil and mix then whisk together then I add it to my 26mm pans in 2-3 layers pressing in between layers.

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