Zirconium Cluster (like Diamond, but a better price!)
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Zirconium Cluster is a TKB blend which mimics the translucency and glitter of our Diamond Cluster, but which offers a more affordable price point.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891).

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         I use this mica to add sparkle to TD and to make a beautiful silver in cold process soaps.

         I've used this for crafts and nail polish but ahhhhh I also use it to put in mixed drinks and wine (even tea when I need some extra sparkle in my life) and it's great. This is not the intended use but anything I can put on my lips I know is safe to eat so there you go. Just the smallest amount in any dark colored beverage creates instant glittery magic. 10/10 would recommend for any party. Oh yeah and crafts too ;)

         Adds sparkle without overdoing it.  I use this on the inside of my eye to open it up or blend with colors to give them a little more pizazz.  I have many choices, but keep picking this one up over and over again.

         This is the first Mica I have purchased so take that into account while reading my review, but this mica is gorgeous and adds just the right amount of shine to my products.

         I order 4 ounces of this havent tried it yet because it has'nt been delivered yet.Nice color though.

         Its great mixed with just about any color to add a little shimmer, or alot depending on how much you add.Its the perfect shimmery silver.

         Does anyone have any idea when this might be back in stock? I've had my eye on it for awhile, but it's staying out of stock. :(

         I havent tried Diamond Cluster, looked at the price and since I got a free sample of this, ths was my choie (:  I just ordered an ounce so the marketing strategy worked! Add this to just about any color and it transforms it..makes a flat shade special. I have been using it in my highlighters and this will make eyes light up!  My daughter loved it in the purple pallette I made for her..I mixed this with aster hue which is also sparkly so she uses this at night only!  LOL  She said it is too much "spark" for work wear but she loves the crystally effect at night. I may mix it with Bishops Violet or a soft violet next go around to tone down the sparkle for daytime wear. I do wish she liked loose powders tho as they are so much easier and dont require near as much product. I also mixed Zirconium with China Jade for a gorgeous green highlighter and with Aquarius for a blue/green tone highlighter. Plan to try it in a blush as well for night wear. If you want to get noticed, try this on for size!

         One of my new favorites . I just wish I had purchased a whole drum of it ,seriously. If you like a little/lot of flash and sparkle to your products this mica is for you. The bonus is the amazingly affordable price. Happy Happy Happy.

         This is amazing! I got new colors in yesterday. One of the recipes I was making called for this. After making it, I had to throw it in a bunch of other mixes. Great sparkle and glitter! A little goes a long way. Very easy to mix. I think I need a bigger bag, because I'm LOVING this effect!

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Zirconium Cluster (like Diamond, but a better price!) has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 11 reviews.

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