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Your one-stop online store to make your own cosmetics.
Since 1997.



We expand our inventory all the time. To offer you the most complete selection.


For business owners in the industry

When you're running a cosmetics business, time is of the essence.

You don't want to be left out in the competition, so we've got your back. We're very proud of our stellar customer service and fast shipping.

Get quality ingredients to make your own make up here - especially if you're in the soap, cosmetics and personal care industry.

Once you click through TKB's website, you'll get a treasure chest of color additives and associated products. 
And guess what? You can also order complimentary items, including containers, waxes, oils, soap base, and brushes. 

Your service is fantastic . . . worthy of a bouquet of flowers. I don' t know how you keep up with the emails, but your turnaround time is so quick! All the best!

For Your First DIY Project

It's simple and rewarding. Anyone can make makeup from scratch. 

We believe that making cosmetics is fun, and you should definitely try it out.

Many of you are probably worried about where to start...

In this case, we have some good news for you: You have continuous access to all our incredible wealth of resources!


They're comprehensive, always FREE and you don't need to sign up to claim them.


  1. Need some inspirations?
  2. Learn the basics with How to Press Powder
  3. Your quick guide to lipstick making
  4. Download this PDF to develop your own line of mineral makeup

No worries--we have more coming up...

I'm in Canada and getting anything from the US always seems to take two weeks, except TKB orders! I made my last order on July 7th and received it on July 11th! That's amazing and I really appreciate it.

My orders haven't been large, but your shipping department doesn't seem to make that distinction as such speeding delivery is worthy of a much larger customer. It's really nice to have such "Cadillac" treatment from your customer service/shipping department.


Now come play with us and have fun!


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