24 Karat Gold Mica
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This gold floats into the air with extra large sparkle and shine. The hue is a strong-toned yellow with a hint of red. Happy, hopeful, sunny and fun.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77491).
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         love this. It's the perfect gold. I've been making highlighters/eyeshadow and this is one of the must have shades. It's a strong gold but not too much!

         I LOVE this mica! The gold flecks are visible in cold process soap. Simply gorgeous and one of my most favorite micas. If you can only buy one gold mica, get this one. 

         I use this as an eye shadow! I've put it into tiny little plastic jars and when I want to a cut crease look I just mix it in with some Duraline (to foil it) and it really pops! A true gold color.

         This is my favorite gold mica to work with, as it doesn't completely get lost in the blend and add a yellow tone to my mix; instead, it leaves glorious gold bits throughout!  If I want to create a one shade of eyeshadow with gold glitter, this is the mica I pick.  VERY sparkly, I just adore it!

         Absolutely gorgeous!!! A+++++:D.

         This color is so awesome, I bought it to wear over a green mossy color I made, but ended up using it alone because it is so bright and sparkly.

         So I'm not a fan of SUPER shimmery things however this is an exception this color works really well as an eyeshadow!

         This color needs a lot to create an opaque gold polish, but regular amounts adds a stunning gold shimmer to any color! It's BEAUTIFUL mixed with black!

         I have been adding a sprinkle of this to my clear volumizer for nights out and WOW! Makes my dirty blond hair special! Takes a bit more than I would use in face products but at this price I can afford it!

         I love this gold color!! I put this in so much and I even have just a plain gold eyeshadow.I don't think I could ever live without this color,I just got my order in the mail today and it was a huge haul,I got a oz this time and so many more colors.Thank you TKB for my new world of makeup it is endless!!

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