First 5 Solvent Resistant Glitters
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This item is currently sold out. The estimated restock date is not yet determined at this time. (Updated by Steve)
This item is currently sold out. The estimated restock date is not yet determined at this time. (Updated by Steve).


Lovely, lighthearted, translucent glitters perfect for all kinds of craft projects but brought in especially for our nail polish frankenpolish makers!

  • Ingredients: Polyethylene Terephalate, Aluminum, Polyurethane 33, Pigment. Please refer to the FAQ's for permitted use disclaimer.
  • The FDA has determined that glitter is a color additive which is not listed on their list of approved color additives. This means that a glitter product is TECHNICALLY not allowed for use in any cosmetic in the USA. Consumers have expressed confusion over this, as it is obvious that there is glitter in all kinds of cosmetics sold currently in the USA and there are no known reports of harm caused by glitter.

    The FDA has not explained itself to our company, but it has advised us that it recognizes that the cosmetics industry has been largely unaware of this determination and it is essentially providing the cosmetic industry a grace period during which FDA enforcement is "discretionary". This grace period allows the cosmetics industry to "respond". The FDA has not provided us with any information on how long this grace period has been in effect, nor how long it will be in effect. They simply state the the issue is "active".

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    i got the luminosity type I like it but the only thing stopping from giving it a full 5 stars I'd that it's kind of hard to see the holographic effect. it is a nice glitter though in general. I just expected more of a prisim effect because the other holographic glitter is very very noticeable.

         I did fall in love with Headtrip and Adam & Eve

         I am loving my Luminosity . I have had fun using it and am really impressed at the price . Getting the Pink next and can't wait to add all the rest.

         I love love love it. I had so much fun mixing and adding it to other colors and made a glitter stick for general body use with my eyeshadow primer . Lots of compliments on this trippy product . It reminded a lot of my family of the Pucci Scarves and the blues used in them.

         Headtrip and Adam & Eve GAH! I love them!

         All five are fabulous. The holo glitter is finer, but its better this way because when you mix it with other nail polishes, glitters or use it as a top coat, it is fabulous. its subtle in low light, but when the light hits it, it sparkles. Don't change this TKB. However, you can offer two different sizes for those who want more of a bling - bling effect.

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First 5 Solvent Resistant Glitters has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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