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Our family of Hilites are all white-appearing powders which have a "hilite" of a unique hue (gold, orange, red, green, violet, or blue). Hilite colors are also known as "interference" or "splendid" colors. Interference colors really pop when they are mixed against a darker background color.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Tin Oxide (778161), Iron Oxide (77492).

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    It's a good highlight color.  It's white with slightly orange/gold color by itself.  It blends nicely with oranges and golds.

    great for darker skin tones used in bronzers and blushes ebony skin tones love this orange glow that warms them and makes them pop so pretty! however in lighter skin tones stick to use on eyes

    I like it a lot!

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    REFORMULATED Hilite Orange has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 3 reviews.

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