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Be a hot Step-Mama!

  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77491).N/A

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     This color is definitely HOT with its warmer undertones! Whereas some of the other red micas have a darker bluish tone, this one screams bright, bold, and intense! As mentioned in the description, you will only need a very little bit of this in your formulations or risk looking a bit too bold. It's a good thing though as this pigment is expensive (but worth it). I haven't tried it yet, but it would be awesome mixed in with some clear nail polish for a hot nail color!

    I've been on the hunt for a pure red without using carmine. This looked like it could be the one but unfortunately it has somewhat of a copper undertone that is obvious when blended. It's a beautiful color none the less, just not what I was looking for

     Hot Step Mama is much deeper than the original Hot Mama and lacks the subtle duo-chrome effect, but it has the same saturated, sparkly ruby-red finish that made the original so alluring. I will not use it to replace hot mama in my formulations, but I will use it in new formulations as it's just too beautiful not to.

     This makes the most wonderful lip colors available if you are wanting something that leans toward red. I have this color in a lip wand and it is one of the biggest sellers I have...Oh and it's very concentrated...a little will go a long way!

     When I wear this I sure do feel like a Hot Mama! lol

     Its a beautiful reddish shade, Hot lips for sure when you wear as a gloss! When applied its more of a orange red but so beautiful!

     This is the most perfect red you'll find anywhere. It does not go brown or orange when brushed onto skin, nor stain. If you've been seeking out the perfect read, you've finally found it!

     This is a classic orange/red color.  I love to make my lipsticks and blush with it.  I've done a geisha look with it as well since it's safe to wear around the eyes.

     I belly dance and this is a GREAT bold shade for my red/black outfit. This on my lid and the crease with a matte dark black and a soft white for the brow. INTENSE! I always get tons of compliments.

     Hot Mama is infamous for a reason! It's super-vibrant and makes a great lipgloss, lipstick, or--if used carefully--even a nice blush. You need a decent amount of base and/or a good primer to make this delicate mica a good eyeshadow, but once you've figured out what works best for your eyes, this color is bound to look amazing! Also, it is described as having a slightly orangey hue, but it always seems more like a very true red to me. All of my friends have snagged samples, so I'm buying a full ounce next time!

     I've ordered so many pigments from TKB already,I only wish this was a bit cheaper and bigger in size. I'll be using this for my lips and eyes! Thanks TKB! :)

     This colour is absolutely AMAZING. You have to see it to believe it! Really. Hot red, and when it shifts, you almost see a deep pinkish tone. Wow. Super, super sexy :) Try it, you definately won't be sorry

     If you want a hot look you definitely need Hot Mama in your collection.

     I have been on a hunt for the perfect red eye shadow.  I never saw the original but Hot Step Mama is beautiful and my hunt is over. 

     I didn't have the opportunity to try the original, so I don't know how it compares, but I've just received my smaple of the Hot Step Mama reformulation and I'm astounded at how beautiful it is! I've ordered so many truly amazing shades from TKB but struggled to find a solution for a bright, true looking red without using carmine or dyes. I've found it! This shade was out of the box and in my hands for only about 10 seconds before I just HAD to make something with it and my mom now has a beautiful eyeshadow that suits her dark skin and doesn't make her eyelids swell up and pop out of her face!! (sorry if that was TMI :) I've also made the perfect red lipgloss for me, so thank you from the both of us! Highly recommended shade for everyone, but especially if you also choose to formulate without carmine or dyes.

     This is a tomato reddish orange.  I plan to use it for all uses.  Nail color, lips, cheeks, and even the red in my favorite sunset eyeshadow look. I plan to buy a larger size next time. It's a popular mica that runs quickly out of stock.

     I have made some amazing lippies out of this color and just love it. Fun,sexy and unique.

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