Lauryl Laurate
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Plant-based "mono-ester" wax that melts on skin yet leaves a non-greasy skin feel.

    • Ingredients:  Lauryl Laurate

    • Lauryl Laurate wax is a plant-based (coconut and palm derived), "mono-ester" and low melting point wax which is used to improve slip and to increase the ability of oils to penetrate and therefore moisturize the skin yet leave a non-greasy skin feel.

      Often used in lip products, eye shadows, gels, hot pour makeup, massage oils and more!

      Typical concentration is 2% - 15%.

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           I've used this with Versagel, Nancy, it makes a beautiful gloss rather than lipstick, depending on your quantities of each.  Usually I use with wax, Versagel, low melt coconut oil and a variety of other oils.  I think it really adds to the finished product.

            This product is not available easily to the small formulator and I cannot make lipstick without it. It provides glide and slip. It should not be mixed with just one butter, or used in something without a hardener. I just love the feel in massage oils.

           When I first got this to play with, I made the mistake of using too much, which gives the results Natalia describes of a too-runny formulation. Using just a small amount (like 5% or less of your formula) gives a beautiful feel to lip products! And like Nancy said, a harder wax needs to be part of the formula too, but that's generally true.

           I use this at about 2% to 4% in my hand balms.  Melts very easy and helps create a lighter and silker feel.

          I use this product like Heather does. I use it about 6% of my lippies and I'm now making a really nice lipstick base on my own, without purchasing Kaila's wonderful finished product. This was a labor of love for me, lippies always are. I also use the double refined Candy Wax and Carnauba Wax. It's a wonderful product and you can do so much more than lipstick with it. It's not in my glosses, which may be a better thought. Hmmmmm. Wonder if it mixes with Versagel?

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