Mermaid's Gold
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Brightish yellow with green shimmer.
  • Ingredients:  Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77491).

  • A treasure chest of bright gold can be found at the bottom of this sea, but beware the enchanting flick of the mermaid's tail! She has bewitched the color with an undercurrent of iridescent green.


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     Very pretty, but I didn't notice any green in it. I don't mind that, though! I added one part of this to about six parts of Cyprus Green, made a lovely colour that I can't wait to wear on St Patrick's Day!

    Mermaids Gold is a must own gold.  Versatile color can be made softer or more dramatic.  The green sheen can be accentuated with a secondary color.  One of those you reach for over and over. Highly recommended.

    What can I say this is a true WOW product, Looks so expensive, golds & greens.Very pretty as a body dust too!

    A mysterious shifting gold/green color. Now, this is a gorgeous color! It looks somewhat beige in the picture, but it's a gold/green dual toned color. At one angle it's a gold sheen and at another, it's a green sheen. There are not many micas that color shift like this one does. Love this color!

    WOW, this color is awesome.  I mix it with some TKB base, and viola! I have my Mermaid Gold eyeshadow.  Looks great on green eyes, and blue.  It is mysterious in that the color shifts when you move in different light.  It is really wonderful.  So far, my customers love it.  If you are hesitate to buy this, don't be.  It is an awesome color that you can use for so many things. Just using it mixed with a little base is great, and I am sure there are other uses too..Like maybe in a lippie,that would be really interesting.  You could make a sheer lippie with this and some other colors.  It would work great when you have dramatic eyes, and you want more of a neutral lip.  I highly recommend this color.  

     U got to have this, i order sample, but i'm thinking about getting 1oz or even 4oz, just to play around with

    What a beautiful color.  If you use this with pixie epoxy the color is brighter but over a UD base it's light an gives you a beautiful color.  A definite must have for those with hazel eyes.

    Truly elegant gold

    This gold will be so versatile for me when I get some brewing far I have only used it as a highlighter on my cheek bones and under my brow due to time constraints ):  I teach yoga and one of my fave postures is mermaid's pose cos it always makes the class come to life!  This gold has done the same so far with any color I have used it with (:

    So elegant! Even though yellow tones aren't my favorite on my skin, the payoff on bare skin was amazing. Mixed with a small amount of yellow oxide and my base, it lasts for hours. Keeping this around for sure!

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