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These are the scoops which we use in our Mineral Makeup Kit.  They are good for measuring, and for sampling product.

    • Ingredients: Plastic.
    • We use our mini-scoops a lot when we are blending to match a specific color.

      As we "baby step" our way to a shade, by adding a little of red, or a little yellow, we will take out a small scoop of color and lay it on the table top.

      Each scoop represents a step in the process. Because the pigments are in the scoops, we are able to pick them up, carry them to different light sources, and stick them in front of other people's eyes to ask them "what do you think of this color".
    • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

       *If* you put your mineral samples in baggies, these scoops keep customers happy. Trade shows? Buy them and use them. Well worth it. Keeps things clean and offers just enough product for sampling! Another won't run out of!


      "Some days are a total waste of makeup". Good for getting small amounts of powder out of the baggy. I've lost my big one and I actually miss it a bit

      Good to have around. These seem a bit awkward upon first receiving them, but in the end you'll end up appreciating them. They're good for scooping small amounts of product for placement elsewhere as well as mixing any small amounts of liquids together.

       For mixing or transferring. I prefer TKB's other scoop set for actual measuring, but I prefer these for mixing ingredients together when I make tiny batches and for transferring to another jar/bag. Don't overlook these great tools! 

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