Set of 3 Recipe Scoops
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A set of THREE spoons used in many of our recipes

    • Ingredients: Plastic.

      If you are formulating in small quantities, nothing beats these spoons! Their long handles and convenient sizes mean that you can blend complicated recipes in small sizes and quickly scale up when you have it perfected.

    • There are three spoon to a set. Each spoon has a gram measure designation however, be advised that the powders we sell are lighter in weight. So, for example, the 0.5 gram spoon is not going to measure out 0.5 grams of colored mica. But you can still use the spoons as a reliable measure. If you are confused by this, let us know!

      Here is the measurement of the spoon:
      Small Spoon: 0.05g
      Medium Spoon: 0.10g
      Large Spoon: 0.5g

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