Set of 3 Recipe Scoops
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A set of THREE spoons used in many of our recipes

    • Ingredients: Plastic.

      If you are formulating in small quantities, nothing beats these spoons! Their long handles and convenient sizes mean that you can blend complicated recipes in small sizes and quickly scale up when you have it perfected.

    • There are three spoon to a set. Each spoon has a gram measure designation however, be advised that the powders we sell are lighter in weight. So, for example, the 0.5 gram spoon is not going to measure out 0.5 grams of colored mica. But you can still use the spoons as a reliable measure. If you are confused by this, let us know!

      Here is the measurement of the spoon:
      Small Spoon: 0.05g
      Medium Spoon: 0.10g
      Large Spoon: 0.5g
    • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

          Good while they lasted, but they're super fragile and break easily

          I'm in love with these scoops.  I ordered 2 more sets, because one set came in my mineral kit...These are a MUST have.  I use them for everything, from measuring formulas, to actually putting the finished product in the jars.  I have found that 5LS fit perfectly in a 5 gram jar with the sifter.  Great product!

          I ordered 4 sets.  Originally I thought I may have ordered too much, but it all worked out. (2 small scoop=1 medium scoop, 5 medium scoops=1 large scoop.  That was an easier way to break down into 'parts' when I start making larger quantities.)

          I find these incredibly handy! The are fantastic for making recipes, even if you are dealing with large amounts of product. They are a must have for anyone making mineral makeup.

         This is a great beginners set, when starting to make your own make up. It is important, to measure the right amounts - "a little bit of this and that", can really destroy some good efforts. The right amount is often important. When  you have used these for some time - you might what to move on to more scoops - ex 10 sets of these. Then you can use them colorwise (make color dots on them) and you do not have to wash them each and every time.
      Good lucks

           As some said, they break VERY easily, i would love it if you had the other single scoop/spoon that you use in your kits, both for myself and for my own kits.

           I ordered more, because I can't live without these! A must buy!!!

           When these first came out I had to order a bunch! My favorite is the Large scoop but having the other two sizes are good especially if you haven't invested in a scale yet but want to try to write down some kind of measurements to recreate your recipes again. Just be careful when using the Large Scoop! They can break easily if you apply to much pressure (I found out when washing them). I use a small paintbrush now to wash them out with.

           I find my self using these even when making larger amounts of powder, and even use the large one for scoping up samples. But i seldom use the smallest one, i find it hard to use.
      These are a must even for everyone, beginner or "pro".

           We take these small conveniences for granted! What would be as handy as these three scoops? I have one set, but with my next order I am ordering a set for the kitchen and a couple of extras in case I break or misplace any of the three pieces.
      Judy in Louisiana

           Very useful

           These are really excellent, especially if you want to make very small recipes. I use them a lot. The only problem is that the handle can break close to the bowl of the spoon if you clean it too hard, as I did. Oops.

           Very handy to have.  I ordered some more recently. For me, I find it easier to clean with the self-foaming hand soaps - lifts the mica away (though the plastic absorbs the color sometimes but that doesn't seem to affect the color blend outcome).

           I love them so much.  They are really handy to have around, and I'm ordering more so I don't have to clean between colors while making blends.  The price is right, so why not have several sets on hand?

          I bought one order - used them to death.  I will now order more.  They come in handy for all of your projects with Mica.

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